Popular Ways to Boost Collaboration and Productivity in the Workplace

As opposed to the rigid cubicle and private offices of the past, today’s leading companies are shifting towards a more open workspace design that encourages employees to communicate and share ideas. Fluid workspaces that create opportunities for chance meetings are an easy structural solution which, designers say, promotes improved collaboration and boosts employee morale and creativity. Here are some popular solutions that companies use to spark up their employee’s creativity and encourage them come up with the next big idea.

Relocate Meetings to the Common Area

Having frequent quick chats about the progress of work tasks throughout the week can prove to be more time-efficient than a single end-of-the-month team meeting that lasts hours. Just think about it, instead of waiting to reserve a conference room, you can have an insightful talk over coffee or a snack anytime you want. It’s really efficient. All you need is a couple of sturdy office tables neatly arranged around the coffee machine and you have your lounge/meeting room.

Office Meetng

Break Down Physical Barriers

Many modern companies have started to remove the physical barriers that separate workers in order to encourage collaboration and team spirit. With the popularity of open floor plans also came the popularity of large shared office tables instead of separate desks. This way employees feel like they’re all involved together in the same process, so they feel more free to seek advice and help each other in various tasks.

Invest in Adjustable Desks and Conference Tables

It’s no secret that sitting for prolonged periods of time is detrimental to our health. And in a workplace where 90% of the work is performed on a desk, employers should do everything to protect the health of their biggest asset – their staff. Fewer employee health issues means less downtime for the company and better productivity. The solution to the problem of constant sitting is adjustable office tables that encourage a healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the day. Conference tables should also have the same feature as research shows that standing meetings can keep people more engaged and less territorial.

Designate a Lounge Area Within the Office

When employees stay longer at their desks or shared office tables, that doesn’t mean that they work harder. In fact, staring at a screen for too long and remaining in the same position causes fatigue and burnout. Everyone needs to hit pause every hour and replenish their mental energy. So, it’s imperative that workers have designated lounge areas where they can relax for couple of minutes. Mind you, these areas do not have to be in a separate room. Just add a large, comfy sofa and a few armchairs and you will create a nice chill out zone within the office. After all, the best ideas usually come when you leave your mind to roam free.