The Most Popular Warehouse Racking Solutions

Racking Solutions

When it comes to organizing a warehouse and increasing work productivity, racking systems are one of the more important factors. Warehouse racking systems provide a safe method of storing products for easy picking, packing and delivery. Nowadays, every customer wants its goods to be delivered without any damage and on time. Properly designed warehouse shelves are the key element in order to achieve customer satisfaction and continuous growth.

All types of warehouse racking systems are made of highly durable steel that can support very heavy objects. Also, warehouse shelves maximize the existing storage space and floor space. Moreover, warehouse racking systems reduce the employee waste time, increase productivity and allow easy access. Of course, depending on the warehouse and type of business will depend the selection of the right warehouse shelves. Also, choosing the right warehouse shelves will depend on your budget as well. When choosing the right warehouse racking system you need to take into consideration the size of your free warehouse space, number of items that will be stored, the beam size and needed capacity. These are the main things you need to consider before choosing the right warehouse racking system.

However, we have prepared for you one of the most popular warehouse racking solutions for any warehouse.

  • 8m Shelving System – One of the best warehouse racking solutions are the 8m warehouse shelves. These warehouse shelves are capable to hold up to 3200kg. They are made of metal and have flexible shelf height, so you will be able to place your products according to your needs.
  • 12m Shelving System – The 12m warehouse shelves are more durable than the 8m and can support loads of up to 4800kg. They have heavy metal construction and are perfect for self standing units or permanent fixtures. The other benefit of buying 12m warehouse shelves is that they are able to extend to any length.
  • 18m Shelving System – The last most popular warehouse racking system is the 18m shelving system. It is perfect for holding up to 7200kg. and is suitable for bigger warehouses. So, if you want to buy something that can support large weight, this warehouse shelves are perfect.