The Most Popular Antiques

Some people enjoy decorating their house with certain classic antiques that add history and elegance. If you are one of those that collect unique French pieces, then French antique shops is where you should shop for your favorite antique style. Look for these popular antiques.

The Most Popular Antiques

French Antique Gilt & Painted Fire Surround – If you want to add glamor to the room, then this decorative piece will surely do the thing. Made of Timber and Stucco decoration, this fire surround will give an opulent look to your house and attract attention. Ideal for a bigger room as dimensions are 1550 x 1260 x 230 mm, this antique piece can be found in French antique shops.

Cheval Mirror Frame – Another popular antique piece that will make your room unique is the Cheval Mirror Frame. This genuine mirror frame is embellished with iron and new mirror from Circa 1925. You would be able to find this piece in all better-equipped French antique shops that sell genuine antique pieces.

French Antique Carved Console – Decorate your hallway with this spectacular French antique carved console that is as decorative as is functional. This unique side table with original painted finish and thick marble top can be matched with an antique gilded mirror to make the room one of a kind. French antique shops have pieces like these.

Italian Carved Lamps – If you like owning extraordinary antique pieces, then get the Italian carved and gilded lamps available in French antique shops. These lamps in the form of cherubs cavorting can be installed in your bedroom and will make you feel you live in a different era.

Marble Topped Commode – Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so it is worth the splurge in order to make it luxurious and unique. With this French antique oak commode, you will feel like living the life of a queen. This highest quality marble topped commode features exotic veneers and satinwood inlay and can be found in French antique shops.

French Made Wine Rack – If you are a wine collector, the awesome French made wine rack is a must-have accessory. Made of hundred year old timber, this outstanding antique piece can be found in highly rated French antique shops.

Five Shade Light Fitting – Brighten your room with a French iron five shade light fitting, available in French antique shops. This light fitting will add elegance to your room especially if matched with antique table and antique chairs.