The Most Popular Varietal Red Blends

Red grapes are planted all over the world. Because of that, you will likely encounter a wide range of varietal red blends that feature different flavors. Which one you will find amazing depends mainly on your personal taste. However, we have listed few varietal red blends that stand out from the rest. Spice up your nights with one of the following varietal red blends that go smooth with every food you prepare. All these varietal red blends offer perfection. You are free to check other wines beyond the ones mentioned bellow, but be sure that our suggestions will fit both your taste and budget.

Varietal Red Blends

Cabernet Franc – When left on its own, the Cabernet Franc is far more tannic than when used for blending. Along with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the Cabernet Frank shares its distinctive attributes and it is considered as one of the most popular varietal red blends around the world. You will feel the presence of Cabernet Franc in the Bordeaux varietal red blends and in the Meritage wines produced in the USA. You won’t be able to resist the pure notes of blueberry, violets and the addictive scent of fresh roasted coffee.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Regarded as the most planted grape varietal in the world, the Cabernet Sauvignon is definitely the most popular component of almost all Bordeaux wines. When blended with other grapes, the Cabernet Sauvignon softens the intense tannins and creates the best flavour you can find on the market. Cabarnet Sauvignon became a phenomenon in the cult wineries due to its unique currant and black cherry flavour.

Pinot Noir – People simply love Pinot Noir. Nowadays, the Pinot Noir is one of the main components of many Champagnes and other sparkling wines. Even though it is expressed as pure varietal, still it is blended with other red grapes as well. But even when blended, this grape varietal is fragile and prone to strong weedy flavours. Most wine critics describe the Pinot Noir as ”the iron fist in the velvet glove”.

Shiraz – One of the most popular varietal red blends in Australia is definitely the Shiraz. It is made in every possible style, from light and fruity to dense and tarry. Since it is widely planted, the Shiraz can be found in many versions either spicy, sappy or peppery depending on the climate and the region where the grape is grown. Shiraz stands out from all other popular varietal red blends with its distinct flavour of pepper, blackberry, boysenberry, plum and cover.

Merlot – Unlike other varietal red blends, Merlot stands out due to its softer tannins and full flavour even when young. It is regarded as one of the most approachable and affordable red wines worldwide. Even though unique on its own, the Merlot can be blended with other outstanding wine grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon.