The Most Popular Types of Leather for Cowboy Boots

Nothing symbolizes the western style more than cowboy boots. Apart form being very appealing, they are extremely comfortable and durable enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear. When properly cared for, a quality pair of western boots can last you a long time. Generally speaking, these boots are considered the most iconic type of western boots thanks to their unique shape and the memorable and one-of-a-kind details like contrast-coloured stitching, leather texture and overall design. Also, gone are the days when they were worn only by men as nowadays you can see them as a part of many women and kids outfits as well.

When it comes to the type of leather western boots are made of, there are several different options out of which cow, kangaroo, ostrich and alligator are the most popular ones. Cow or calfskin is the first and also the most popular type of skin for these types of boots as it has a recognized standard for comfort and durability. However, there are subtle differences between the two terms. Calfskin is tighter than the cow variety, but finer as well which makes it more prone to cuts. So, if we would compare these two types, cow skin is the better option. No matter what type you choose, the maintenance routine is the same: cleaning, moisturizing and polishing are mandatory.

Kangaroo leather, on the other hand, is extremely thick and tight which makes it one of the strongest choices of leather for designing these types of boots. When compared to cow skin, the kangaroo one is considered tougher, however, occasional maintenance is still required.

Another popular type of leather for these types of boots is ostrich as it is soft and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand almost everything. Except for that, this type of leather is also considered to be easy to maintain which is another thing that can be added to its pros list.

Although alligator skin is considered as something used for many women shoes and boots, a lot of western type of boots are made out of is as it is considered both durable and appealing.

Last but not least, snakeskin is another popular type of leather for these boots. Generally speaking, the skin of python, anaconda and rattlesnake are the most commonly used types and each of them has its own benefits. For example, the one from python is considered the strongest while the rattlesnake one the toughest. Just keep in mind that all types of snakeskin can yellow with age.