Mini Guitar: More Than a Popular Kids’ Toy

We all know, when it comes to kids, it’s all about fun. Though often as parents there comes a time and day when we regard it as exaggeration, we forget it’s how kids learn things about the world that surrounds them. Along with this, it’s through play that they acquire important life skills that would be of use to them further in life.

Mini Guitar

As any parent, I’ve bought piles of toys by now for my two sons, but after reading the importance of introducing children to music from an early age, the next toy I decided to get was a mini guitar. The best part of it? It’s less of a toy, and more of an actual guitar. The only difference from “grown-up”guitars is the number of chords: three instead of six to make it easier for playing simple chords, and clean notes.

The fact it came along with flashcards with chord diagrams, an instructional app, and digital songbook, the mini guitar made it so easy for my sons to fall in love with music, especially playing it. As a mum, I am more than proud!

Not knowing whether they’d play it or not, I first bought one, but after seeing the excitement around it, I got another one as well – different though, because my younger one is into the electric type from the very beginning. Besides, this instrument is much more affordable than say, a piano.

Why is it so appealing to parents? Speaking from my experience, they get to spend quality time playing while learning new songs, as opposed to watching TV or using electronics non-stop. It’s the perfect alternative to screen time, having in mind it’s not advisable for kids to be addicted to electronics. With the guitar, they get to use their creativity which would hopefully lead to a passion later on.

For the kids need I even say it? They love inventing songs of their own, and much to my surprise, learning actual songs too. Just last night they treated my husband and me with a bit of what sounded like Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

What I’m mostly pleased for is the fact playing the guitar has a crucial role in their brain development. It doesn’t only help improve their memory, or make it easier for them to master new skills easily, it also proves to be essential with school material too.

Though it might not be so apparent, playing the guitar helps with solving maths issues, and the memorising of songs, rhythms, and beats, helps with memorising poems as well. Altogether it makes schoolwork, and homework for that matter, piece of cake. Mum is pleased, kids are pleased, what could be better?