Popular Trends: What Makes Totes so Wanted

In the age of communication we currently live, one of the fastest ways to communicate (although most of the time goes unnoticed), is the clothes we wear and the ways we combine them to create an outfit. In spite of the fact that we may not realize it, every single day our fashion choices speak volumes and send a message about who we are. And although the biggest elements of an outfit are certainly the clothing pieces we choose, details play a rather huge role in pulling everything together and wrapping up the entire look.

The biggest style accessory of a woman’s outfit that has the power to reveal a great deal of who she is? The bag. A designer one or not, these pieces help women carry their daily essentials with them in style. For that reason, in today’s post we’ll focus on the features of one of the most popular bags today – the tote.


Simple and convenient

Simplicity never goes out of style. The simpler the bag, the easier you can pair it. So, if you are a fan of minimalism and simplicity you know what to look for. Still, there are totes that come in bold patterns and designs and these can act as the perfect accessory to break up a monotonous outfit and make it look more lively.

Variety of materials

Leather, denim, canvas, cotton – there is a variety of materials that trendy womens tote bags are made from. They all add a different accent to an outfit allowing you to choose one according to your personal style. Also, when choosing the material, keep the purpose in mind. For example, if you are planning to use your tote for school or work, then go for leather. If you need it for grocery shopping, choose a canvas made one since it is easier to clean.


Tote bags are generally large in size, offering you a lot of space to store your essentials. This makes them a great choice for hitting the beach, travelling in style, running errands, styling yourself up while on a shopping spree, and whatnot. Trendy womens tote bags are made from thick fabrics and strong threads which makes them quality and long lasting. Also, they are quite easy to maintain – if there is a stain on your tote, use either baking soda, lime juice or a light bleach to clean it.