Popular Trends: Bring Your Home to Life With Fun Retro Wallpapers

Here’s the thing with trends: although they pass, they never completely go into history. We may forget about them, we may choose something else to spice up certain visions, but eventually someone, somewhere is going to dig up something that’s been resting in the past for some time and revive it into a trend that we would go crazy for in the next few months.

Case on point: hipsters and their obsession with everything vintage, retro and story-related. Hipsterism is one very interesting culture, sort to say; people that follow this cultural direction seem to fall deeply for things from the past and transform them it into the most sophisticated objects you’ve ever seen – no wonder they’re the largest consumer group of highly expensive, unique, custom-made clothing lines, jewellery, furniture and other stuff. Talk about extreme perfectionist taste in life.

This time the accent is on an important interior design element: retro wallpapers. Back in the days we used to hate our grandma’s wallpapers in the kitchen and bathroom; those pastel green with white dots pieces glued on the walls. Today however, these wallpapers are worth so much mainly because many vintage interior design ideas rely on them to provide the colour direction of a room. Here are a few ideas.

The Little Old Lady Theme

retro wild gardens lattice

You may instantly think of countryside, dollies and chickens in a wide green landscape. Well, let me stop your imagination right there and tell you that’s just nonsense. Little Grannies and Pop Pops weren’t just the old people dressed in farm clothes; they were also modernists, eclectics and traditionalists. And that niche of style can easily be seen in the retro wallpapers which people today use to decorate their kitchen or dining room area.

The Florals

retro showstoppers

Florals have always been a popular wallpaper theme; they’re feminine, remind you of spring and sunny days and are a colourful element that can easily complement any room design. And they allow you to play with the floral design and even do layering; floral wallpapers and a few floral decorative elements like pillows or photo frames can do wonders together.

Modernists can do retro too

retro modern style

Your room design doesn’t have to be vintage style or totally old style to go with retro wallpapers; modern furniture elements can also be complemented with the beauty of these wallpapers. Especially if you need to add a dose of freshness to your modern living room or bedroom, just choose a retro wallpaper in beige colour and combine it with some white decorations.

All in all, I must say that even though they were popular a few years ago, just like everything, wallpaper trends go around. Now, retro wallpapers are back on the scene and using them to complement your vintage home design is a good idea. And just because they’re retro that doesn’t mean they’re old and will make your home look like it’s from the past century. On the contrary. Plus, I bet your grandma will be thrilled by your home vision.