Most Popular Trailer Types

Trailer Types

For transportation of various goods and materials, the trucking companies all around the world use specific trucks and trailers. In general, the trailers can be classified as open and enclosed trailers. The open trailers are used for transportation of big and over-sized materials or objects, while the enclosed trailers are most commonly used for transportation of food products and other temperature sensitive goods.

Every trailer comes with specific design and it is used for specific transportation purpose. Bellow we present you the most popular trailers that can be seen on the roads all over Australia.

  • Tipper Trailers

These trailers are named as “ tipper” trailers, thanks to their specific feature to tip over when unloading the goods. There are two tipper trailer models on the market:

1. Convertible Tip Over Axle Trailer – This tipper trailer is generally used for transportation of grain and other similar materials. After tipping the loads of grain, the convertible tip over axle trailer is used as a general purpose platform. The convertible tip over axle trailer comes with special gate sides and curtains which are placed inside the gates for more efficient grain transportation.

2. Tip Over Axle Tipping Trailer – This is exceptionally stable tipping trailer which is longer than the previous model. The body of the tip over axle tipping trailer is built as part of its chassis. It is a compact trailer that is most commonly used for transportation of grain and cotton seed loads.

The refrigerated trailers are probably the most common trailers that can be seen on the Australian roads. The reason is simple – most of the products that need to be transported from one place to another are food products. These products require special conditions in order to remain fresh and healthy until they reach the final destination. Again, there are two refrigerated trailers on the market:

1. Chillers – These refrigerated trailers are designed to keep certain goods cool during the whole transportation process. They are equipped with built-in high-quality freezing systems to ensure that the goods will remain in good condition. These trailers are designed from materials, like aluminum, that have capability to reflect the sun rays.

2. Freezers – Another popular refrigerated trailers are the freezers. For keeping the products inside at temperatures below zero, these trailers are also equipped with special cooling systems and the walls are made from a fiberglass foam. Hence, the freezers are probably the most expensive refrigerated trailers.