The Most Popular Tractor Attachments

The tractors are described as extremely flexible and versatile machines that can perform a variety of tasks. They are all purpose, on- road and off-road machines, designed to be used for either simple of complex jobs. Because of that, they are used in various industries, like: agriculture, construction, landscaping etc. The versatility comes from the different tractor attachments and tractor implements. The tractor attachments have always been used for large scale farming, but today the tractor manufacturers also design and produce a wide range of tractor implements and attachments. These attachments give the estate managers and small farmers more possibilities and offer many benefits. Nowadays, there are tractor attachments for any farming or landscaping job. With so many tractor implements and useful attachments on the market, the farmers can perform a variety of tasks on their farms by using a single tractor. The most popular and commonly used tractor attachments and tractor implements are the following ones:

The Most Popular Tractor Attachments

Front End Loader. The front end loader is probably the most popular attachment for the compact tractors. This tool is actually a hydraulic arm that comes with a metal bucket. The front end loader is attached at the front end of the tractor. It can scoop and dig ground from the surface, lift, move and then dump the ground into a truck. The metal bucket can be replaced with other useful tools, like: blade, grapple, hay bale, tree spade, forklift etc.

Mower. Different mower tractor implements are available on the market. Usually, a compact tractor comes with a belly-mount mower which is attached to the underside of the tractor. This mower provides a neat appearance which is suitable for lawns. For bigger projects, a pull behind mower is the perfect tractor attachment.

Tilling Attachments. There are different tilling tractor attachments on the market which are used for ground tilling. What type of tilling attachment is going to be used, depends on the penetration that is needed. Generally, the harrows provide the lowest penetration, while the subsoilers provide the biggest ground penetration. Culivators, plows and the rotary tiller provide medium penetration, and these tilling tractor implements come in different designs and shapes.

Backhoe Attachment. Like the front end loader attachment, the backhoe tractor attachment comes with hydraulic arm and a metal bucket. The difference is that while the front end loader is used for lifting and moving ground, the backhoe is designed for digging into the ground. In most compact tractors, the backhoe is usually attached at the back. Some tractor models come with a backhoe attachment at the front.

Snow Removal Attachments. Many tractor attachments can be used as a snow removal tools. For example, the blades can push snow like plows, front end loader can push snow as well, box rakes and other similar tractor implements can also be used for snow removal. For light snow removal works, the rotary brushes can do the job. The snow blower tractor attachments are ideal for cleaning heavy snow, but they work more slowly when compared with other snow removal tools.

Rakes. These tractor attachments are available as front end loader attachments and pull behind attachments. The pull behind rakes are used as alternative to the harrows for light tilling tasks. A front end rake is used for pile moving. In addition to these two rakes, the box rake is generally used for grading and leveling.