Most Popular Take off Estimators by Calculated Industries

Calculated Industries is one of the most reliable manufacturers of calculators and other digital measuring tools. The company has been established in 1978 in California, but it was relocated to its current location Carson City, Nevada in 1994. From the first easy-to-use calculator that was called Loan Arranger, to the most advanced calculators and measuring devices which are present on the market today, Calculated Industries is known as a manufacturer of high-quality calculators for home use, construction workers, real estate agents, radio and television professionals, electricians, machinists, educators, carpenters, financial planners and etc. Some of the most popular products by Calculated Industries are the take off estimators. These digital products have been assisting the estimating processes in the construction industry for many years. Here are the most popular take off estimators by Calculated Industries:

Take Off Estimator

Scale Master Pro – Handy, comfortable and highly accurate, the Scale Master Pro is a number one choice for many contractors, engineers, landscapers, plumbers, pipeline builders and other people who need accurate and highly efficient take off estimator. The Scale Master Pro is designed to provide accurate and fast linear, volume and area takeoffs from maps, drawings and blueprints. It can cut down the takeoff time significantly and to minimize the number of errors. With ergonomic design, two LCD displays and only 9 buttons, this take off estimator is what professionals need to performing tasks with high precision and accuracy. It can switch between imperial and metric modes quickly, and it features a lock switch to prevent accidental changes of modes or scales. Users can set up to 6-custom scales for future use.

Scale Master Pro XE – Another popular take off estimator by Calculated Industries is the remarkable Scale Master Pro XE. Ease to use, quick and accurate, this take off estimator is ideal for doing linear, area and volume takeoffs when estimating, planning and bidding. The Scale Master Pro XE is world-wide popular digital device known as the estimator that makes no mistakes. It is capable to provide takeoffs from blueprints, maps, plans and even out of scale drawings. This take off estimator has quickly become the favorite tool for many engineers, architects, contractors, landscapers, electrical contractors, plumbers, and cable system contractors.

Scale Master Pro XE With PC Interface – Just like the previous two models, the Scale Master Pro XE with PC interface is a very popular take off estimator. Despite providing accurate and quick takeoffs, this take off estimator can be connected with a PC estimating software and spreadsheets. Furthermore, it can be adjusted to any dimensional unit, and it is widely used for engineering, architectural and map scaling. The greatest advantage of this take off estimator is its PC interface capability, allowing the users to transfer values and measures to spreadsheets or estimating software.