The Most Popular Surveying Tools

Surveying is a process that is performed by licensed and skilled surveyors before the construction of any kind of structure to determine the boundaries of a construction site. Surveying equipment is essential for any surveying project, and the results of the surveying report mainly depend on the expertise of a surveyor and the quality of surveying equipment and tools. The wide range of surveying equipment Australia covers used and new pieces at variable prices. However, it is important to know which surveying equipment to buy. Consider functionality, quality, reliability and durability when browsing the online offers of surveying equipment Australia suppliers. Below are some of the most popular surveying equipment.


Global Positioning System allows surveyors to measure latitude, longitude and altitude of a particular site under any weather conditions. GPS system consists of three elements: space, control and user segments. The space element consists of 20-plus active satellites which orbit around the Earth. The control element consists of five tracking stations which send very accurate data. The user feature consists GPS receivers and user community. The surveyors use GPS to get the precise measuring data, which is why this surveying tool is highly popular. Browse surveying equipment Australia suppliers online for quality GPS devices.

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Theodolite is a surveying tool for measuring angles and directions with high accuracy. It measures horizontal and vertical angles and shows the results on a small LCD monitor. The theodolite is usually mounted on an adjustable or fixed tripod. It gives extremely accurate measures because the angles are measured to the fractions of a degree. This surveying device contains a horizontal plate for providing measures, a vertical plate with a scale for vertical measures and a telescope that points the main target.


Another popular surveying tool is the geodimeter used for measuring boundaries, both day and night. It uses the light waves to measure the distance between two or more points with the help of specially designed prism, which is located at the end point of the distance-to-be-measured and reflects the light waves back to the geodimeter. Even though an accurate device, because of the innovative technologies implemented in modern surveying equipment, the geodimeter is rarely used today.