Hanging Rails: A Popular Alternative to Wardrobes

There really isn’t any magical thing you can do or use to clean your bedroom fast and easily unless you do this on your own. A cluttered bedroom isn’t only unsightly, but can also lead to some things that can affect your well-being and health. Decluttering will bring you an immense release and peace, but above all, it will certainly improve your mood, sleep and health. Giving away/donating, and throwing unnecessary things is one of the key elements that can help your bedroom ‘breathe’, just don’t forget about organising the rest. Otherwise, every bit of your effort will go in vain.

When it comes to organising clothes, aside from the obvious wardrobe, you can also think about investing in hanging rails and racks. This type of freestanding items has square/rectangle construction and wheels which allows for being moved with ease while also being placed anywhere in the room. Aside from hanging the clothes on the pole, some of them can also feature additional storage spaces which will help you a lot when it comes to storing things.

Why They Have Become So Popular?

hanging rail

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Well, the truth is that hanging rails are versatile, appealing, and an easy-to-use clothes storage solution that also happens to be extremely affordable. Being versatile means that you can also use them as the main storage solution or an additional one on which you can hang the outfits for the whole week. Luckily, the benefits from it are huge and they go beyond this.


Those of you with smaller bedrooms can certainly benefit a lot from investing in clothes racks. They don’t take up a lot of space, aren’t bulky and allow you to have free access to your clothes. Clothes hanging rail racks are compact and easy-to-use storage that will make your bedroom look more spacious and clutter-free.


When compared to wardrobes, clothes racks are way more appealing and stylish. Thanks to their design and look, they look both minimalist and modern with a contemporary vibe. They look extremely neat and eye-catching, and placing one in your room will help you add a modern vibe to it. Coming in a range of designs and materials allows you to pick the model that will best meet your bedroom and storage needs.


Being extremely simple and way smaller than wardrobes and closets makes clothes racks way more affordable. This will save you a lot of money, so it’s no wonder people choose them as the primary clothes storage solution instead of wardrobes and closets.

Fresh and Clean Clothes

Storing clothes in wardrobes and closets can obtain that old and musty smell after a while, especially those clothes that you rarely wear. That’s because they stay closed in one space most of the time without air circulation. This problem would be a thing of the past when storing your clothes on a clothes rack. When stored like this, you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting that musty smell because they will be stored in the open and the air will constantly circulate, keeping them clean and fresh.

Materials and Styles

hanging rail

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Finding the right type of clothing rack is pretty easy when having a huge choice, however, aside from the appearance and style, you also shouldn’t forget about considering its material. This factor plays a significant role not only in the rack’s appearance but also in its durability. So make sure to consider all the options available on the market before making the right choice.


Metal certainly is one of the most commonly used materials for this purpose. It’s sleek, simple and minimalist looking, perfect for being paired with modern, contemporary and industrial-inspired bedrooms. The most commonly used materials for this purpose are aluminium, stainless steel and chrome-plated steel because they seem the most durable versions available on the market. With their excellent durability, they can withstand a lot of weight, so you won’t have to worry when you need to hang some heavier clothes like jackets and coats.


The most commonly used materials for making such rails are bamboo, pine and oak. They aren’t only durable but they are also extremely appealing, providing a natural and warm look. Just like the metal models, the wooden ones also allow for being coated and repainted for an improved look. They can be used literally in any bedroom style whether it is vintage, modern, contemporary or industrial.


When compared to the aforementioned rails, the plastic ones seem the lightest and simplest version of them all. They are extremely easy to assemble and because they cannot hold that much of weight, they seem to be the perfect option for children’s rooms only or as a temporary storage solution.

Regardless of the type of rail material you choose, make sure not to forget about choosing the right size. The size of the rail can mainly depend on two factors – the free space and the amount of clothes you plan to store on it, so make sure to consider everything before making the final decision.