Popular Sex Toys That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

If you want to spice up your sex life and you’re out of creative ideas and role-play scenarios, sex toys can come to the rescue. Take a look at the following sex toys which can provide you with the ultimate pleasure under the sheets.

The Classic Bondage Cuffs

Have you ever even thought about buying bondage toys online or at a sex toys store? If the answer is no, you should definitely try them as soon as possible. Bondage toys can be just the right thing to spice up your love life. There’s always been a stigma about sex toys and fetishes which prevents people from experimenting and exploring their sexuality. But once you cross that limit believe me that you’ll experience a whole new level of satisfaction and mind-blowing orgasms.

Bondage gear is the perfect way to prevent your partner from touching themselves and have them twist in agony while you tease their body. At the same time, bondage toys are really pleasant to wear and can be made from leather or have a soft padded interior so that they feel comfortable, don’t irritate the skin and do not distract the person wearing them. You can cuff your partner’s hands behind their back so they can’t reach out and watch the sexual tension between you rise.

Another great bondage toy is the sex rope. And here’s where it can get really interesting. You can use the rope to tie both the hands and feet of your partner and take full control over their body. This falls under the BDSM category (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission) which is another great way to add more options for erotic play and increase your own and your partner’s satisfaction.

Bondage equipment can add an exciting new element to your sex life. If you think that your sex lacks some excitement, this is the right way to get back in the game. Sex toys allow you to experiment and discover pleasures you weren’t aware existed before.

The Perfect Nipple Tease Kit

Nipple clamps are the perfect women’s sex toys if you want to experience unforgettable foreplay and subsequently amazing sex. The additional stimulation to your nipples will boost your sexual experience. Many of the new models are adjustable, have plenty of vibration options and levels just so that they provide you with the ultimate pleasure.


Some sets even come with a silicone base in which you can freeze water and enjoy the tingling chills. Or, you can get a special massage candle and pour wax on your nipples. The wax won’t be too hot to cause burns but warm enough to make you want more and more.

People usually underestimate the power of a good nipple tease set. Maybe the nipple clamps are not what you want, but are exactly what you need. Sensations coming from nipple stimulation are the same as sensations coming from vaginal or clitoral stimulation. They hit the same spot in your brain. You can even reach an orgasm just by having your nipples clamped.

Why Not Get a Whip or Two?

If you have read the books or watched the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movies, you know what whips are used for and what you should do with them. Now imagine the following scenario: let’s say that you are the submissive. Your partner will give you orders on which position you should take, and you do just that, no questions asked. Then your partner can spank you with the whip and make your blood rush. This is how the beginning of mind-blowing sex looks like.

Spanking and whipping increases your overall skin sensitivity and increases your blood circulation which has a great impact on the amount and quality of orgasms you will have.

Whips are usually made from high-quality vegan leather, are lightweight and balanced. They are the perfect sex toy for beginners and really easy to use. You can also get a paddle whip which is quite different – it has a firm handle and a cushioned faux leather paddle. You can test your own and your partner’s limits with it.

There’s actually basic psychology behind the whole sex toy thing. It brings the partners closer together and it greatly improves the communication between the two. I mean yes, you can buy all the toys and whips as a surprise but usually, partners talk about these things before deciding to use them. And just the fact that you’ll be talking about it and discussing what you want or what you need will make the whole sex experience and foreplay better than before.

Eye and Masquerade Masks If You Love Mystery

Setting the right mood is the first thing you need to do if you want to really have fun and experience great sex. You can do that by turning off the lights or lighting some candles or a lamp with special lighting effects. Then again, if you want to take things to the next level, it is best to get an eye mask. You can use the eye mask as a nightshade for yourself or your partner and create a magical, exciting and mysterious experience. Keeping your partner in the dark while giving them the ultimate sexual pleasure, is the right way to light up the fire between you.


And if you’re not that into the plain black silicone eye mask, you can try another awesome option – a masquerade mask. This one can be found in many colours and designs. It can be worn by both you and your partner so that you can fully enjoy the role-play, the mystery and the pleasure and satisfaction that great intercourse brings.