Most Popular Womens Sex Toys

I thought a long time how to bring up the topic so that it is catchy enough for experienced users and informative for those of you that still have not indulged in the very much pleasing adventure with womens sex toys. So I decided to just say what I have discovered so far and what I think of these toys which in my opinion, are the ones each one of you open-minded, sexy women should try.

First and most important thing the newbies should know is that once you decide you want to try this new experience, you should not be ashamed to enter a sex shop, explore everything they have to offer and even ask some questions. The people who work there are experts in their job, and who better to tell you about the features of a certain product than them? So, do not be ashamed to ask around. Another useful tip: take advantage of the internet; online sex shops are a real oasis of products for the shy ones. Just order whatever your eye and imagination catches and have it delivered at your home address. Accessing womens sex toys has never been easier ladies, so do not waste the opportunity. Enough said, now follows the fun part. Trending now:

woman in bed

1. The Silicone Clitoral Pump

You thought the only way to reach a sexual nirvana is when your partner’s skillful mouth is down on you? Well, time to learn new things, that is definitely not the only way. Or at least, it can easily be replicated, especially when your partner is not around. Do not get me wrong, the real thing is still far better, but it can be fun to change your routine from time to time, and not to mention the pleasure of always having it at your disposal. It features a sort of a mouth with ticklers made of silicone. Once on your clit, squeezing the pump attached to the mouth will make the mouth squeeze and the ticklers work, which stimulates the clitoris to a mind blowing orgasm. Two words: try it.

2. The Heart Massager

You can use this little heart-shaped cutie on your own or during the foreplay with your partner. Let’s call it the massager for mutual pleasure. It is not as sexy as the silicone clitoral pump, it is actually a simple massager, but it is perfect for mutual, sexy and kinky body and erogenous zones exploration. Go on a sexy treasure hunt with the heart massager; a treasure worth the hunting indeed.

3. The Rose Gold Mini Vibrator

No sex toy list should go without a vibrator in general. The Rose Gold Mini vibrator is among the most sophisticated womens sex toys trending right now. So, if you love glittery and shiny things, this vibrator is something you would want to own. Its cup design makes it perfect for to use it during sex, or in your alone, ‘me’ time. And since it is so cute and mesmerizing with its rose gold design, chances are your partner will like it too. So do not be surprised if he becomes kinky and wants to entertain you with it as well.

4. The We Vibe 4+

My personal favourite, most warm and kind suggestion for every couple in the world: treat yourself with the We Vibe 4+ set. Why? Made of a small, cute vibrator with two ends for both your vagina and clitoris and the smart phone application for controlling it, it will make you explode out of pleasure. Kinkiness comes in an intimate package; you can have your partner control the intensity of your orgasms through his mobile phone while you are home alone, on a trip, or anywhere thrilling. The fact that you can have it inside you while being somewhere where you can be caught moaning, is exciting by itself. Be adventurous, that’s where all the fun is!

5. The Lelo Mona Wave

If you are a newbie, I suggest you get used to the whole sex toys experience first, and start easy. Try the Lelo Mona wave vibrator with the simplest and easy to use design. This thing is the first vibrator able to mimic realistic waves and surges and really touch and massage your G-spot. Plus, this one is smart: it remembers the last settings you used. As a fully rechargeable machine in just two hours, you will be ready to ride it until you are drained.