Popular Server Rack Sizes

4 u rack

The server racks are very important for the technology-oriented businesses, because they provide more space and better cable organization. They are widely used in offices with limited space, data centers, classrooms, hospitals and other places with computers, cables and networking equipment. With a server rack, you can organize your office in a efficient way. When you know where each cable, device or network equipment is positioned, you will be able to quickly access them. Another benefit is that the server rack keeps your equipment and cables safe from various hazards. However, before buying a server rack, you need to determine what size will fit into your office. Check out the most popular server rack sizes:

4 U Rack4 U rack is the standard server rack size, as it is widely used in small offices for storing cables and light networking equipment. Usually, the 4 U rack has cable entries at the top and at the bottom to provide more flexible cable management. Although it deals with lighter cables and equipment, the 4 U rack comes with a tough front door and heavy-duty structure. So, the maximum loading capacity of the 4 U rack is 200 kg. This is your best solution if you are running a small office.

12 U Wall-Mounted Rack – For medium-sized offices, the 12 U rack is the most obvious choice. Convenient and versatile, the 12 U rack is designed to hold up to 500 kg. This rack is usually wall-mounted, equipped with removable side panels and tough glass door. The 12 U rack is ideal for offices where the space is limited.

7 U Portable Rack – If you plan to move the server rack, the 7 U portable rack is what you probably need. The 7 U portable rack has wheels which allow you to easily transport the rack to the desired location. Flexible and lightweight, this rack can easily fit under any desk or table.

27 U Rack – For large-sized offices, the 27 U rack is the ideal server rack size. This heavy-duty server rack is taller than all previous racks, and is capable to store loads up to 1,000 kg. The 27 U rack is a free-standing server rack with a tough front glass door and a rigid structure.