The Most Popular Scraper Manufacturers

The scraper is a heavily used earth-moving machine that has become very popular in the recent years. The sales are increasing from year to year, and many new manufacturers of scrapers have emerged all around the world. However, not all of them stand for producing high-quality, reliable and durable scrapers. The leading scraper manufacturers offer powerful and strong scrapers that can be used for a variety of applications. Also, many manufacturers provide its customers special services, such as training programs for their scrapers. The most popular scraper manufacturers in the world are:

Caterpillar – This American manufacturer of construction equipment design and produces some of the finest scrapers that can be found on the market. Caterpillar is well-known for its pull-style scrapers. It produces five pull-style scraper models which are well-accepted in the construction and in the agricultural sector. Caterpillar design its scrapers with many innovative features and with the latest technologies. Caterpillar especially points out the new unit that allows quick elevator speeds for faster loading cycles, and the more spacious and comfortable cabin.


John Deere – John Deere is also well-known scraper manufacturer with world-wide reputation. The John Deere scrapers are available all over the world, thanks to its global network of dealers. All John Deere scrapers are towed-type, and they all require an additional heavy-duty vehicle with at least 200 horsepower for towing. With heavy-duty design and incredible stability, the John Deere scrapers promise efficient operation and superior results.

Terex – Although with only one self-propelled scraper in its product line, Terex is one of the most popular scraper manufacturers in the world. Terex TS14G is a powerful scraper with a twin engine that provides 352 horsepower. Terex has sold over 11,000 scrapers all around the world, and the focus of the company remains the same: to produce affordable, yet powerful twin-engine scrapers. With a powerful scraper, the contractors are capable to complete any job in a safe and efficient way. Lastly, the Terex TS14G is designed for operations on all surface types.

K-Tec – Although K-Tec is not on the market for long time like the manufacturers stated above, it has earned a reputation of being a manufacturer of high quality scrapers. K-Tec offers a complete line of scrapers, including direct-mount scrapers, train scrapers and ADT scrapers. They are all designed with light materials in order to prevent overload. The K-Tec scrapers are best known for their huge load capacity.