Popular Sand Bagging Equipment

New methods of filling sandbags have been invented during the past few years. The sand bagging equipment is quite useful for storing various things in bags quickly and with minimal effort. Such equipment is needed in different industry sectors. The purpose of the sand bagging equipment is to create a large number of sandbags quickly and easily. Cheap and economical, the sandbags are used for different purposes and in different industry sectors, like road construction, nursery, landscaping, civil construction, building, plumbing, recycling, quarries and for emergency services. Unlike before, different sand bagging equipment can be found on the market depending on the needs. By using a sand bagging equipment, the injury risks are reduced, the time for filling bags is minimized and the productivity is maximized. If you are eager to find out which are the most commonly used sand bagging machines, here is a short list for you: 


Sand Bagging Frames – The sand bagging frame is certainly one of the most commonly used sand bagging equipment. The sand bagging frames make the sand filing process easier for you, while protecting your knuckles and back by operating from comfortable work height. Also, they reduce the labor costs and increase your profits, because only one operator is needed for operation. These sand bagging boosters are suitable for bags made from plastic, hessian or woven plastic in any size. When it comes to transport and storage, the lightweight sand bagging frames can be assembled and disassembled into smaller pieces in only few seconds. Furthermore, they can be stored conveniently by removing the legs.

Form, Fill & Seal Machine – This machine is a pure Australian product, suitable for operations with various sand types, pebbles and barks. The Form, Fill & Seal machine is completely automatic bagging machine which is capable to fill around 50 sandbags in a minute. With a structure made from stainless steel, this machine can deal even with 80mm-diameter-stones. For more convenient and user-friendly operation, this sand bagging equipment usually comes with a color touch screen and 50 presets product setups. Lastly, there is a wide range of optional accessories which can be used with this sand bagging equipment.

Quick Sander – If you need a machine that can operate as quickly as possible, the quick sander is the ideal machine for your application. With a quick sander, you will be able to fill around 1,500 sandbags in only one hour. This multi-purpose sand bagging equipment is suitable not only for filling sandbags, but also for other projects as well, such as road repairs, backfill trenches and other applications that might include hot or cold asphalt, sand, mulch, gravel, salt, dirt, etc. Highly flexible and incredibly fast, the quick sander is easy to mount and to operate. Thanks to its unbelievable versatility, the quick sander is one of the most popular and most commonly used sand bagging equipment.