The Most Popular Reach Truck In Australia

One of the most commonly used vehicle for material handling operations is the reach truck. This powerful truck is used for moving heavy loads from one place to another. Thanks to its great lifting capacity, the reach truck can reach high storage racks. The reach trucks are easy to maneuver, so operators have no problem to grab loads from different angles and place them even in the narrowest aisles in the warehouse.


One of the most popular brand that produces high quality reach trucks is Toyota. This Japanese brand produces material handling trucks that stand for high-quality, durability and reliability. In 2002, Toyota became a top-selling forklift company in America and worldwide. In 2010, Toyota launched its new 8-series 4-wheel electronic forklifts on the market. Thanks to the latest electronic control technology, the new Toyota reach truck models are considered as one of the most versatile vehicles. Beside their versatility, these trucks provide greater operator’s convenience and comfort, due to the unique ergonomic design. What makes the Toyota reach truck a number one choice for many operators, are the following unique advantages:

Ergonomics – Toyota thinks about its customers. Every Toyota reach truck includes bubble mat padding that absorbs the vibration and reduces the ankle and foot fatigue. Plus, Toyota created more spacious cabin for the operators with ergonomically designed control panel. In order to minimize the operator’s fatigue, the engineers installed cushioned backrest, floor mat and adjustable armrest in the new Toyota reach truck series.

Performance – Powerful performance is what the Toyota reach truck can guarantee. This truck comes with AC-powered system that enables precise torque control. The Toyota reach truck models use AC hydraulic control system that allows efficient, fast and smooth operation. When compared with other brands, the Toyota reach truck is more quiet and easy to operate thanks to the electronic power steering and multifunction control handle.

Ease Of Service – Every Toyota reach truck is easy for maintenance and service. Toyota included a self diagnostics to maximize the forklift up-time, built-in analyzer to ease troubleshooting, one-piece top cover with interlocking doors to reduce the service time and many other innovative features.

Durability – The Toyota reach truck is as one of the most powerful and durable vehicles available on the market. Powerful performance and reliability is provided by the double and single reach pantograph. Furthermore, the polyurethane load wheels make the Toyota reach truck to be ideal for operations on rough and uneven surfaces. The regenerative braking system increases the overall efficiency and prolongs the life of the brake components.