The Most Popular Inverter Generator Brands

There is a variety of inverter generator brands on the Australian market. Every brand offers machines that can be used for specific applications. However, all inverter generator models that can be found are similar in terms of configuration and specifications. But not all brands offer high-quality and durable machines. When on the market, you need to look for a brand that can satisfy your needs in the most efficient manner. To help you choose the best inverter generator, we have listed the 5 most popular inverter generator brands that can be found on the Australian market. Consider the following brands:


Yamaha Generator

Yamaha is the most recognizable brand when it comes to manufacturing inverter generators. The inverter generator models from Yamaha are lightweight and easy to operate. They are described as fuel efficient and quiet machines, equipped with centralized control panel. Yamaha is known by the extraordinary customer service which is provided. For all inverter generators, Yamaha provides a three year warranty.

Lectron Generators

What sets Lectron Generators among the top five inverter generator manufacturers, is the advanced technology and features that are provided for affordable price. The Lectron inverter generator is a fuel efficient and easy to operate machine, suitable for any kind of outdoor project. Lectron, the Chinese inverter generator manufacturer, is present on the Australian market for more than 5 years.

Subaru Generators

Subaru use advanced technology for its inverter generators. The inverter generator models from Subaru are known for their ability to work hard and quietly. The auto-power system adjusts the engine speed in order to meet different power requirements. The Subaru inverter generators come with two year warranty.

Honda Generators

Honda offers inverter generators which are powered by clean running and environmentally friendly engines. Honda is internationally known brand when it comes to manufacturing inverter generators. The inverter generator from Honda is designed to supply power for a wide range of home and professional equipment.

Hyundai Generators

Hyundai is one of the leading brands on the Australian market for inverter generators. The inverter generator from this manufacturer is ideal for home and professional use. The Hyundai inverter generators are made according to all relevant standards for manufacturing inverter generator including the AUS/NZ standards.