The Most Popular Pretend Toys For Kids


Pretend play is any activity or a game which requires kids to think and use their imagination. This is why many kids when pretend playing use household items such as a remote controls, blankets, chairs, etc. To assist kids in their make-believe games, many toy manufacturers design pretend toys that are very easy to integrate into pretend play games. Regardless of how kids create own make-believe scenarios, the social, personal and educational benefits of pretend toys for kids are huge. Playing with pretend toys, children develop their language and social skills, learn self control, educational comprehension, and boost problem solving skills. There are numerous pretend play toys such as houses, kitchens, castles, etc. Here are some of the most popular pretend toys for kids.

KidKraft Doll House – Popular doll houses provide young girls with imaginative play and hours of fun. They are perfectly sized for most dolls (not just for Barbie), and come with modern furniture and numerous accessories. Every KidKraft doll house is designed in a way that boosts kids’ imagination, creativity, social and problem-solving skills. Also, kids will learn how to share and get along with other kids their age. Any KidKraft doll house model will provide your kids day-long adventures and hours of educational play.

Lifestyle Dream KitchenThese pretend toys for kids are one of the most popular ones. Kids love to imagine themselves cooking, especially girls who love to imitate their moms when in the kitchen. Kitchen sets come with numerous accessories and feature interesting details allowing kids to cook up hours of fun and creativity. These pretend toys have modern look that your young chefs will love.

Doctor Kits – Young girls love taking care of their baby dolls or little brothers and sisters. They often pretend to bathe them, feed them and change their diapers. Very frequently they imagine themselves as doctors or nurses. These pretend toys are very enjoyable for kids, since kids redecorate certain room corner into a doctor’s office and pretend for hours to take care of their patients.

Workshop Tool Kits – These pretend toys for kids are awesome for kids who want to become builders and are interested in repairing and fixing things. They encourage role playing and are also great pretend toys for developing eye and hand coordination. These pretend toys will bring out the handyman in any kid. They usually come with numerous accessories and will keep your kids busy for hours.