The Most Popular Pretend Play Toys

pretend play

Children learn by doing and imagining things. They usually use household items such as chairs, remote controls, blankets, etc. to represent something while giving it motion and action. Maybe it doesn’t makes sense to you, but this type of pretended play has big importance in proper development. To assist your children in their pretend play games, there are many manufacturers on the market that produce pretend toys. By playing with them, kids learn to develop skills through pretended plays and the educational, social and personal advantages of these toys are very important. Playing with pretend play toys also help children develop communication and language skills, their cognitive and physical development is improved, and also kids learn to develop self control and problem solving skills. The market is full of various pretend toys you can choose from. More popular pretended play toys are play kitchens, tool sets, doll houses, etc.

Play Kitchens – These make-believe play sets are very popular among preschool kids and parents love them simply because these sets engage their kids in various imaginative role plays. Play kitchens help a lot for the social and cognitive development of children, and encourages them to interact with the elements of the kitchen set and to learn how to use each kitchen item in order to create imaginary cooking masterpieces. This pretended toys sets can entertain your kids for many years. Play kitchens can turn into either home kitchens where kids can cook and prepare various meals for their toys, or restaurant kitchens where they can master their chef skills.

KidKraft Doll House – KidKraft designs and manufactures wonderful doll houses for girls. Every KidKraft doll house is equipped with rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, living room with balcony and bedroom. These doll houses are perfect to keep kids entertained. The big size of every KidKraft doll house makes these pretend toys perfect for your little girl to play with her friends and siblings. The KidKraft doll house will provide your little princess with hours of fun and imaginative play. Your little girl aside from having fun, will also develop social and problem solving skills.

Workshop Tool Kits – These pretended play toys sets are excellent for children who are interested in fixing and repairing things, and for those who want to become builders when they grow up. They stimulate role playing and help in developing hand-to-eye coordination. These pretend toys come with many different items, which means that your children will be busy and entertained for many hours.

Doctor Kits – Little kids love being doctors, someone who will care about the health of everyone in the house. They pretend to be doctors or nurses, treating their imaginary patients. This pretend play toys are very fun, while at the same time encourage kids’ imagination. Kids can turn their room into a hospital where they will give medicine to other toys. This play set allow little kids to develop cognitive and problem solving skills.