Throw Blankets: What’s Behind the Popularity?

Considering we can’t get enough of the minimalist trends, particularly the ones coming from Scandinavia, it also means we can’t get enough of some of the popular items part of those trends. Why is that?

Well, it definitely has something to do with comfort; a comfy home equals a comfy life, and the perfect example of comfort are the versatile throw blankets, charming with their colours, textures, patterns, and warmth. To understand the popularity of these blankets, all it takes is finding the many ways they can be used.

throw blankets

Available in more sizes, the throw blankets prove to be more than simply functional, as they are the secret ingredients to freshening up the interior décor in an instant. As blankets, the first use usually to come to mind is in the bedroom, draped over the whole bed, yet it’s not the only way to use it there: either cornered, or about three quarters up the bed does the trick.

If you’re looking for that item that would spice the headboard up, you’ve found it. Throw the throw over the bed headboard, and you’ve got a fun new look – a headboard makeover that’s more than affordable.

Moreover, you can drape it over the bed folded lengthwise, so that it would add liveliness to the bedding, and not overwhelm it. For instance, patterned bedding could do well with the refreshment a throw blanket in a soft neutral colour can bring – the secret is in contrast!

In case you buy one of the faux fur throws, all the more fun. Since they’re the types too thick to fold, don’t bother with that, instead drape them over the corner of the sofa, customising the look by tucking in bits. Fold it round the middle, or one of the sides, and you get a floating sofa look. No matter how old your sofa is, this is sure to make for an exciting outcome.

As for the bedroom, how does the combination of silky sheets with draped faux fur throw sound? Then again, it’s not just the sofa or bed you can use to style up with a throw; there’s also the high-back or arm chair. Simply cascade the throw over (not minding how it falls) and expect an overload of cosiness.

Aiming for a sophisticated result, the trick is to drape a lengthwise folded throw over a chair or sofa’s arm. Let’s not forget the throw can also serve as a protective barrier for the upholstered furniture, or even cushions, especially if you have pets who find their perfect sitting and sleeping spots to be those very furniture pieces.

All in all, the throws are the ideal investment that aren’t to fade in popularity anytime soon.