Popular RC Helicopters

Don’t Panic.” – Douglas Adams

We have found the meaning of life and we didn’t have to ask the mastermind of the Universe for that! The meaning of life is finding happiness and learning how to hold on to it for as long as possible. The key is to keep the child within yourself alive. Do not let the burden of the mundane routine deprive you from your creativity and dreams. Luckily,there is this thing called the remote, my personal Middle Earth – where my inner child and adult meet and I feel complete. Since you are reading this article I suppose that you could not agree more that RC helicopters are an awesome way to restore the long forgotten juvenile drive we all still have inside.

When it comes for RC helicopters, my passion matches Sheldon’s train toys obsession. With this as my backup I certainly can make a list of the best and most popular RC helicopters:

Blade 130 X BNF


Blade 130 X BNF is a powerful helicopter that is the next step for those that already have minimum experience with RC helicopters. For the price, you are getting diversity and great aerial control that allows you to do 360 movements in any direction. It is equipped with 3-axis MEMS sensor and special designed software that will help you achieve mastery. One of the most outstanding features is the energy in the motor – feels like a formula one in the sky!

SkyFire Remote Control Helicopter


An awesome RC helicopter that brings the rofl-copter fun inside of me! With this awesome machine I have flown for hours and hours without the fun ever stopping – at the end only the night could do it! Comes at a reliable price, great quality and functions for other manufactures would charge double. You can capture your flight with integrated camera, using the functions on the remote controller. Every desired maneuver is possible: ascend, descend, accelerate, decelerate with easy and simple control operations. One of the best features of this helicopter is the long-life battery that is made from lithium polymer, providing you safe and quick charging, outclassing other competitors.

Walkera V450D01


One of the most expensive RC helicopters available is the Walkera V450D01. It looks great and it is made from durable material that can withstand even an accidental fall. It is equipped with 6-axis gyro system good for those who already have experience. The blades are made from carbon fiber and it has full metal body with carbon fibre frames. This in fact is a very good remote control helicopter but paying so much for a toy will certainly break your bank.


Started by accident, a weekly hobby, now it has become my passion. Remote control helicopter can be a fun way to get away from your daily obligation. Whenever I get a writer’s block, I go down to the parking lot take my helicopter and whop whop whop it away. C’est la vie – The overly dynamic and stressful world will consume your soul if you fail to find a way to recharge and go on.