The Most Popular Manufacturers Of Road Marking Equipment

Road markings and signs are essential features for the safety of the road participants. Road markings provide the simplest and best navigation aid to the drivers, but they also warn, redirect and inform other road participants. They are applied not only on the roads, but can also be applied in facilities with lots of vehicles. Although many know road markings as white/yellow painted lines, they can also be mechanical. Rumble strips are common mechanical road markings which indicated side or center lines of the roads for tired or distracted drivers.


There are specific road marking machines, mechanical units that make road markings on the surfaces of runways, roads, highways and parking lots. Road marking machines are usually divided in three categories: cold, thermoplastic and two-component paint type. Today, there are many manufacturers of road marking equipment which are continually working on innovative and more efficient road marking machines. Below are some of the most popular manufacturers of road marking equipment.

Line Pro – The British manufacturer of road marking equipment is one of the most popular in the world. Line Pro manufactures a wide range of road marking machines, but also provides various road marking services in the United Kingdom. The company has an experience of over 25 years and disposes with well-trained staff. Line Pro road marking machines are capable of marking on any surface with white or yellow color. If you are looking for an online supplier of Line Pro road marking machines for sale, check machines4u first.

MRL – MRL is a highly-technologically advanced and innovative manufacturer of road markings machines for sale. MRL offers thermoplastic, traffic paint, plural component, impact attenuator trucks, raised pavement markers and other products. Dedicated to developing road marking equipment according to the requirements of its customers, MRL provides a variety of road marking machines available all across the globe.

Borum – Borum is another popular manufacturer of road marking machines for sale available worldwide. Focused on providing most cost-effective and user-friendly products, Borum provides road marking solutions and produces reliable road marking machines. Its comprehensive range of products includes self-propelled road marking machines, large road marking trucks, line erasers and many others.

Hofmann – Hofmann is one of the most popular manufacturer of road marking equipment, as it provides innovative road marking technology for over 60 years. It has a wide range of products related to road markings ranging from hand-operated machines to large road marking trucks in various sizes for various applications. The German manufacturer is still known as HOFMANN, although the name has been changed into HOFMANN GmbH.