The Most Popular Klarus Torches You Can Buy in 2019

The journey of the flashlight of today has been long yet fruitful, especially in the past few years. The number of features you have in a standard flashlight today is much bigger than what all the previous flashlight generations have had altogether. Of course, technological advancements have also made these features overwhelming for the average user and the enormous array of flashlight models today makes finding the right one a real challenge.

However, for those who are looking for a quality torch that’s packed with all the right features and comes at an affordable price, Klarus is their go-to brand. Although they make all kinds of flashlights, Klarus is consistent in providing the much-needed features in most of their products, like the dual tail clip switch. Since they have a vast range of products, here are some of their more popular torches.

klarus torchlight


The ST15R is a LED flashlight that can be clipped onto your pocket, it has a clean look and it comes with a lumen count of 1200. This is a very light flashlight made out of an aerospace aluminium alloy. This Klarus torch is very easy to grip, it has 7 types of outputs and 3 different modes that go with them. Its maximum beam distance is up to 260m. The ST15R has rechargeable 18650 batteries that give the flashlight a 2600 mAh capacity, which when fully charged can give you a runtime of 200 hours on the lowest brightness level.


This is a flashlight that almost triples the lumen count (3200) of the previous one. It can be used in different weather conditions and it has multiple protection systems like over-voltage, overcharging, reverse polarity and so on. The crenellated bezel is made out of stainless steel which has additional self-defence capabilities. Keep in mind that you’ll need a holster in order to carry it or you can store it in your front pocket. The 360X3 also has what is called an Intelligent Thermal Protection System which doesn’t let it overheat by adjusting the brightness level and it also has a Turbo mode.


This 2000 lumen flashlight usually comes with a lanyard, holster and an extra O-ring seal and it also has a tactical setting with 3 different modes. First, you have the one-touch strobe, then the one-touch turbo and lastly – the one-touch low. The first two have a 2000 lumen output and the third one just 10. It is made out of 6061 T6 aluminium with an IPX 8 rating making it waterproof down to 2 meters. It also comes with a battery level indicator. The turbo mode of this flashlight is meant to be used sparingly.


Although the XT32 has a lumen count of only 1200, it has a beam distance of 1000 meters, which makes it usable in almost any situation be it search and rescue or hunting at night. While it can illuminate across a large distance, the beam is actually narrow and the flashlight itself is not pocket-friendly. This Klarus torch also has a crenellated bezel for additional self-defence and a battery level indicator which changes colour for different levels.