The Most Popular Excavator Producers

There is a growing demand for smaller, but agile machines such as tractors and excavators, which is why manufacturers design and produce smaller machines with high-performance. High performance is essential for completing heavy-duty tasks, and most manufacturers design machines with hydraulic systems to meet the increased demand. According to many surveys, the operators look for excavators that provide versatility, easy operation and increased comfort. Here are few excavator manufacturers that are very popular among construction companies around the world.


Volvo offers a full line of excavators. Its most popular model is the Volvo EC45 that comes with a 37 horsepower engine. The maximum digging depth of this Volvo excavator is 3.8m and its maximum dumping height is 3.8m. The Volvo EC45 is capable of handling loads of maximum 4.25 tons. Other standard features include a water-cooled Mitsubishi 4-cylinder diesel engine, closed-centre loader sensing hydraulic system, top-quality chassis, ergonomically designed cabin, a X-shaped undercarriage and many other features.



Yanmar excavators are some of the finest on the market. The Yanmar excavators are very popular and today, Yanmar offers two series of Yanmar excavators: ViO and SV. Yanmar excavators are known for their incredible power and innovative features. The SV Yanmar excavators have minimal tail swing capability, while the ViO Yanmar excavators provide no tail swinging. However, all Yanmar excavators have a reputation of being highly productive, durable, reliable and efficient on the field. Yanmar B50-2B is one very popular excavator with a lifting capacity of 3 tons, a digging depth of 3.6 meters and a maximum dumping height of 3.9 meters.


Komatsu has become well-known for its MRx series compact excavators, which includes three models. All three models include a HydrauMind hydraulic system, a minimal tail swing radius, a swing boom and a proportional pressure-controlled joysticks. The most popular model is the PC20MRx, which comes with a Komatsu engine that provides 19 horsepower and can travel with a speed of 4.8 km/h. It allows a digging depth of up to 2.3 meters at a maximum dumping height of 2.6 meters.



Bobcat excavators are known for their unique features, such as incredible stability and lifting capacities. For example, the Bobcat 322 is an excavator with a 15.7-horsepower Kubota diesel engine that has a maximum digging depth of 2.2 meters and a maximum digging height of 3.8 meters. It also features a hydraulically-powered undercarriage that facilitates the maneuvering in tight areas and expands wide for incredible stability.