Popular Kids Table and Chairs

We have finally moved into a new house where my kids have their own bedroom. Designing their bedroom was one thrilling experience for me, since all those colours, themes and designs of children furniture tend to awake all of their otherwise asleep, childish creativity. Besides choosing colourful wallpapers, rugs, beds and shelving, creating a playing corner for your kids in their bedroom also matters a lot. They are still very young for any serious drawing or writing works, but they are old enough to paint, assemble briks and puzzles and similar stuff. So, I went looking for a kids table and a suitable set of chairs for creating sort of a small living room for children. Can you imagine how cute everything turned out?

The offer of kids table and chairs is really vast and the designs are all so cute you will really have a tough time picking one. Searching through online sites can narrow it down a little since you can specify the search criteria: by colour, size or design. Here are my top 5 picks:

The Kids Wooden Designer Stool


From all the amazing kids tables you can choose online, this one is the one your kids will go crazy for. It is made of solid mango wood and shaped in the form of some cute animal: cow, giraffe, lion, sheep or an owl. It is simple and not very high; if you allow your kids to make the choice be sure you will be done shopping for a kids table in no-time.

Smart Builders AR-811 3 in 1


This kids table is amazing. It is designed as a tabletop in lively colours for building blocks. You can use either Duplo or LEGO blocks on it, it is perfectly compatible with both. Underneath the tabletop there is a storage area which can fit bricks and other toys, and the other side of it can easily be used for writing or drawing on it.

Kidkraft 17577 2-in-1 Activity


The kidkraft table does not differ much from the Smart Builders one. However, the only thing that matters here is exactly that difference. The tabletop has two sides: one of the sides is designed to be compatible with Lego bricks and children can build on it, and the other side is smooth but it has a drawn pattern on it. Think of a smooth table surface with drawn streets, street signs, grass and side walks. Perfect if you have boys with car toys.

KidKraft 26954 Art Table


Kidkraft really know their job; they make kids tables that are really versatile in their use! This particular art table is not designed to have chairs, but instead, has drawers and shelves for placing various painting tools like colours, pens, small drawing papers and similar stuff. It is high enough for children to feel comfortable drawing while standing or sitting on the ground. Plus, it is very easy to clean, so do not worry if your kids make a colour mess on it.

Step2 883300 Creative Projects Table


Even though it has many removable cups for storing art tools, this table is not just for creating amazing art by your little Picassos. Its surface is smooth and very easy to clean which means it can be used for building, playing with small cars and practically everything your kids can imagine. The table comes with two small chairs and the entire set is suitable for children at the age of 3 and up.