What Makes Dump Pipes Popular on Turbocharged Vehicles?

Toyota has been leading the UTE sales charts with their HiLux and Land Cruiser in Australia for the past couple of years now, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Both the HiLux and Land Cruiser are impeccable vehicles that fit the needs of hundreds of thousands of Australians who are commuting, venturing in the Australian outback and everything in between. However, it’s common knowledge that even the HiLux and Land Cruiser have their own shortcomings, just like every other UTE, especially when it comes to their exhaust system.

HiLux dump pipe

Stock exhaust systems are made with affordability and eco-friendliness in mind, which is why many HiLux and Land Cruiser owners opt for aftermarket exhaust systems manufactured by authorised third party manufacturers who make exhaust systems with optimum performance as their primary goal. Additionally, aftermarket exhaust systems offer improved fuel economy, and more or less noise depending on your preference. Aftermarket exhaust systems accomplish all of this by incorporating larger diameter pipes that are bent using mandrel bending technology.

You can also find Land Cruiser and HiLux dump pipe exhaust systems which offer greater flow and performance of your turbo outlet. While dump pipes weren’t the norm until several years back, the fact that most vehicle manufacturers now equip their vehicles with turbochargers makes dump pipes one of the most worthwhile investments for getting more performance out of the turbocharger. Dump pipes are typically larger in diameter which means there’s less restriction of flow, meaning more oxygen goes into the engine and toxic emissions leave the system quicker.

Equipping a Land Cruiser or HiLux dump pipe exhaust system is especially beneficial for those who venture off the beaten trail, as they can use the extra power, torque and fuel economy improvements to go through challenging obstacles and drive for longer without fear of running out of fuel. Additionally, aftermarket dump pipes are more durable, because they’re typically made of aluminium or stainless steel, both of which are rust and corrosion resistant and far more resilient to impact and heat.

Lastly, aftermarket exhaust systems are usually made for a specific range of models and makes, thus ensuring a proper and effortless tip. Still, the average joe may not be equipped with the skill and knowledge to install it themselves, so it’s best left to professional mechanics. And even though the investment in dump pipe exhaust systems may seem unnecessary, those who want more out of their HiLux and Land Cruiser will find it totally worth it.