The Most Popular Hydraulic Excavators


Most contractors today look for ways to maximize the utilization rates and to remain profitable. Because of that, they need powerful and strong equipment to deal with heavy-duty applications. Thanks to the technological advancements, the excavators today are designed to perform a variety of tasks. Most excavators on the market are hydraulic. The hydraulic excavators have been improved significantly over the years and became the obvious choice for many operators. By implementing hydraulic technology, the manufacturers increase the capability of the excavators and make them some of the most versatile machines. The hydraulic excavators are capable to operate in mud, water, heat, dust, rain and all other environments. However, there are few excavators that managed to become very popular all around the world. Take a look at the short list below:

Caterpillar 324E – The Caterpillar 324E hydraulic excavator has a powerful Cat C7.1 ACERT engine that provides 194 horsepower and 145 kilowatts. This hydraulic excavator is capable to travel with speed of 5.3 km/h. The cabin of Cat 324E features a fully adjustable operator’s seat with air suspension, a wide LCD screen, easy to operate joystick and many other innovative features.

Komatsu PC210LC-10 – This excavator is also one of the most popular hydraulic excavators. It comes with immense 158 horsepower and operating weight of about 23 tonnes. Komatsu PC210LC-10 has five operating modes to suit the demands of every customer: power, economy, breaker, heavy lifting and attachment. This Komatsu excavator comes with many innovative features, including its Koamtsu variable geometry turbocharger (KVGT), low-speed matching, hydraulic oil cooler and exhaust gas recirculation valve.

Hitachi ZX245USLC-5 – With a powerful Isuzu engine, the Hitachi ZX245USLC-5 is in the group of most powerful and efficient hydraulic excavators. It is a reduced tail-swing excavator with maximum digging depth of around 6 meters. Many contractors claim that the cabin takes the most of its popularity, as it provides a wide field of view with a large overhead window and a huge right glass side.

Case CX210C – Case CX210C is a 160-horsepower excavator with operating weight of about 20 tonnes. In order to meet the requirements of all operators, this excavator features three power modes: Automatic, Speed Priority and Heavy Duty mode. The most popular feature of the Case CX210C is the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System technology which improves the excavator performance and reduces the fuel consumption.