The Most Popular HVAC Tools

Clean indoor air in facilities is one of the most important segments of safe working environment. Therefore maintaining the air clean is essential.

HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are systems that are designed to maintaining the condition of the air. Given the fact that HVAC systems are not simple, their maintaining requires many considerations and practices that ensure safety and proper regulation of the work. For this purpose there are specially designed HVAC tools that are used for identifying potential irregularities in the work of the systems.



There are different HVAC tools that are used mainly in industrial applications for ensuring smooth functioning of the HVAC systems, designed to measure:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure/Airflow
  • Combustion/Gases 
  1. Manometer Gauge PressureManometers in general are used for measuring the pressure of the airflow and the gas burner pressure. The manometer gauge pressure is efficient test and measurement instrument that can withstand extreme temperature variations, both high and very low. This instrument can be used in either laboratory or industrial use. Therefore, the manometer gauge pressure is indispensable part of the equipment of commissioning engineers, chiller technicians, etc. Main feature of this test and measurement instrument is auto ranging for ensuring accuracy in reading the results. This instrument displays the results on clear backlit LCD display.
  2. Vacuum GaugeSome of the units of the HVAC systems may become contaminated with moisture and other harmful substances. For this reason there are tools developed to determine the moisture inside the system. Knowing the exact amount of moisture in the system is important for determining the power on which the vacuum pump should be operated at in order to vacuum out the excess moisture and other contaminating substances.
  3. Clamp MeterWhile the manometer gauge pressure is used for measuring the pressure of the airflow, the clamp meter is used for ensuring proper flow of the electricity inside the HVAC systems. The clamp meter is used for identifying the source of the problems in the flow of the electricity, which is the starting point towards the implementation of the right solution for the problem.

Besides the manometer gauge pressure, vacuum gauge, clamp meter, there are other instruments that are used for ensuring peak performance of HVAC systems, such as thermometer, leak detectors, combustion analyzer, anemometer, refrigerant charging scales, psychrometer, etc.