Dining Room Makeover: Bring the Interior to Life with the Popular French Provincial Style

To start this post marvelling at the beauty of all-things French, I’m going to use the quote often attributed to Audrey Hepburn in the film Sabrina: “Paris is always a good idea.” If you don’t exactly have the income to afford going there as often as your mind takes you to it, why not surround yourself with the magic of French interiors?

Though not Paris, Provence is just as charming with its sun-kissed lavender fields, and can be exactly what you need to bring your home to life with a rustic flair that provides freshness year round. Since it’s usually the living room that gets most of the attention, let’s talk about the other important but often overlooked area: the dining room.

White Provincial Dining Room

The addition of dining room cabinets could be the transformation elements you need, but not just any – French Provincial style. Unlike the minimalist white, the white of Provence is romantic, and instead of making for a boring look, it creates a warm, pleasant ambiance, oozing elegance. Not so difficult to see why it’s a popular style! Furthermore, you can easily combine it with other colours, like bright yellow, gold, lavender (duh!), and bright greens and blues; it’s all about the contrasts.

What makes these cabinets the popular pieces they are is their versatility, as well as space-savvy design with plenty of storage in the form of shelving, drawers and baskets (yes, functionality can be elegant), so you can choose from a wide range of sizes, depending on how much space you have in your dining room and the number of beloved possessions you want to store and display.

What’s great about the French Provincial style is the freedom it provides to play with textures. For instance, the dining room cabinets go well with rustic table set that’s made of reclaimed wood – it gives the interior that much more value, yet in a subtle tone. Rusted metal lighting fixtures make a great option to get the popping effect, but if you feel like going for something more delicate and grand, don’t be afraid to get a chandelier.

As for the fabric patterns, you can’t go wrong with the check (or chequer), and stripes, as a classic option, but if you’re up for something more traditional and at the same time more intricate then the French toile, also called the Jouy print is the ideal choice. I refer to any fabric, that of the tablecloth, napkins, cushions, upholstery, or even curtains.

The beauty of nature is essential, and you can bring it in the dining room by simply adding lush flowers as the centrepiece decoration. As a finishing touch, you can show off your porcelain plates by hanging them around on a wall, as accent pieces.