What Makes the FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera So Popular

The first sign that indicates that a system is not working properly is heat, and it takes the right tool to find it and diagnose potential points of troubleshoot breakdowns and failure. The FLIR E85 thermal imaging camera is one of the most popular tools used to inspect worksites and find potential thermal problems that can cause downtime and loss of productivity.

The FLIR E85 thermal Imaging Camera features all of the latest technology available from FLIR Systems and has been designed to offer the best resolution, sensitivity and performance that a thermal imaging camera can offer. Its features make diagnosing troubles in power, electrical and mechanical systems easy and quick, helping avoid costly equipment failures. Here is what makes the FLIR E85 thermal imaging camera one of the most sought after cameras of this kind.

FLIR E85 thermal imaging camera

  • Powerful Resolution

With a 384 x 288 infrared resolution and thermal sensitivity of only 0.03°C, this camera is able to produce a crisp and clear image, even when working in areas with small temperature differences. In the past, a thermal imaging camera with this kind of resolution would cost significantly more than it does today. Thanks to the advances in technology and FLIR’s commitment to stay at the forefront of thermal imaging equipment, today it is possible to buy this sort of performance and resolution at an affordable price.

  • Easy to Change Lens

With the previous thermal imaging camera models, add on lenses were required to be calibrated with the equipment. Today, with the FLIR E85, standard, narrow and wide angle field lenses can be interchanged without having to be re-calibrated. Changing the lens is quite simple as all it takes is just removing out the lens, twisting in the replacement one and using the in-camera wizard to auto-calibrate the new lens. This means that with a FLIR E85 thermal imaging camera, additional lenses can be easily changed, making it a very modular thermal imaging system.

FLIR E85 thermal Imaging Camera (1)

  • Enhanced Thermal Image

In order to provide a high-quality image, this device uses two of FLIR’s proprietary imaging tools – MSX and UltraMax. MSX is a system patented by FLIR that uses the integrated visual camera to identify edges and patterns, adding them instantly to the thermal image. The result is an image that contains all the necessary temperature information and thermal patterns with visual detail and references. UltraMax is a super-resolution technology that captures 16 thermal images with one single click (each image will be slightly different and many more data points will be captured). Once downloaded to the FLIR tools software program, the 16 images will be combined into a single one but will have up to 4 times more pixels as a standard thermal image.

  • Wireless Communication

WiFi and Bluetooth are the communication interfaces available with the FLIR E85. WiFi enables the device to be connected to a smartphone or a tablet running the free FLIR tools mobile app, which allows users to view the thermal imaging camera screen in real time on a mobile device. The images can also be captured and uploaded to data storage services, so reports can be created and emailed if necessary. All of this helps boost productivity and professionalism.