The Most Popular Ethnicraft Furniture Pieces

When it comes to choosing furniture design, it is hard to find happy medium. It is either all about mass-produced or chic and expensive pieces. But, don’t give up just yet. There is one furniture brand that has found a way to incorporate simplicity, functionality and authenticity. With Ethnicraft furniture you need look no further.

Ethnicraft is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of contemporary solid wood furniture. They are considered to be one of the finest designers and manufactures of precision made furniture. Their collections are focused on functionality, simplicity and quality. Ethnicraft furniture pieces because of their warmth, naturalness and unique design, can be used in traditional and contemporary settings.


Ethnicraft furniture is made from solid teak and oak wood and is very durable. Aside from being authentic, Ethnicraft furniture is strong, functional and tough. Go through our list of some of the most popular Ethnicraft furniture pieces.

Ethnicraft Oak Wooden Sideboard – A clean, pure and authentic piece of furniture. Ethnicraft oak wooden sideboard is a piece that stands out from the every day world trends. Available with 2,3,4 and 5 doors, this piece of furniture can be perfectly matched with any interior design.

Ethnicraft Oak Wooden Bookcase – More than a practical storage unit. A versatile piece of furniture that can be used not only to store books but also as an aesthetic framework to display objects in a different way.

Ethnicraft Oak Wooden TV Cupboard – A simple, authentic and functional furniture piece in a timeless and contemporary design. It is available with 2 and 3 draws.

The oak wood used in the Ethnicraft Oak collection comes from the European forests. All Ethnicraft oak furniture is first slightly tinted with a water-based colour and then oiled. This process allows for the natural colour of the wood to be visible.

Another benefit of Ethnicraft furniture is easy maintenance. Pieces can be cleaned with just a damp clean cloth. And a preventive and regular treatment can be done by applying Ethnicraft hard-wax oil natural mat on a dry and dust-free surface once or twice a mouth during the first 3 months. The hard-wax oil restores the prime coat and seals the pores of the wood, offering protection against everyday wear and tear. However, even though oil treatment protects the oak wood, it does not make it resilient to stains. Thus, stains should be cleaned immediately.