The Most Popular Ethernet Cable


Technology is always changing, adapting and evolving, all to meet necessities. Data capacity has reached new bigger limits and the amount of the power for processing that can be accessed by practically everyone has increased and continues to grow. Data professionals are predicting that data production will be even 44 times better by 2020 with businesses having to protect and process 80 percent of that data. Because of this, the amount and the type of data in your network needs to be able meet these data requests in order to stay in business.

One common way to do this is by using Cat5 cable. But the limitation of this cable to support the maximum of 1000 Mbits data rate in second, makes it not a very optimal choice. Newer methods require for the data to be transfer faster. Because of this Cat5 has being replaced with Cat6 Ethernet cable to relieve the pressure network systems and is now the most popular Ethernet cable on the market. Cat6 cables have bigger benefits compared to other cables, such as:

  • Data transfers are up to 10.000 Mbits in second which is more than double the available bandwidth in compare with other cables.
  • Cat6 Ethernet cable has batter safety margins so you do not need to worry about any issues or bandwidth limitations if you upgrade to Cat6 cable.
  • Cat6 Ethernet cable is compatible with Cat5 cables.
  • Cat6 cable will proof your business in future, which is maybe the biggest benefit.

Cat6 cables are the future of data world. Cat6 cables can support the Internet high quality video streams, media heavy websites, live updates from millions of people and much more every day. Because of this the importance of Cat6 cables increases. These cables will double your bandwidth, they are backwards compatible, future proofs of your business, budget-friendly, and also provide safety and better margins for your business.