Urban Gardening: The Popular Method of Staying Healthy

Living in a world of technology and consumerism, we slowly but surely drift further away from nature. This has an overall effect on our well-being mainly because our lifestyles are busy so we end up looking for the fast (and usually unhealthy) alternative in getting things done which is why fast food has swept people off their feet and it’s becoming an addiction that many fail to overcome. There’s no better ally in keeping us well nourished and healthy than nature so it’s not surprising gardening is getting as popular. Most gardeners today are no typical gardeners, they change the whole concept of gardening because of the spaces they use for growing their own food. Instead of a large yard area, even the balcony or the kitchen would do, and that’s why the tiny garden concept, also known as urban garden, seems so appealing to many.

Vegetable Garden

Having the vast options of pots and planters, even those with the ingenious self-watering system that can save you time, and not needing too much space to start gardening means we don’t have the excuse not to grow our own food anymore. There are plenty of reasons to make your own garden, taking into account that fresh produce is expensive in Australia, and just about anywhere in fact, and not to even mention the amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals used in non-organic produce. Taking up gardening and trying out your green thumb skills has never been easier because you can find quality vegetable seeds for sale in just a matter of minutes by searching online.

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with small steps and grow the herbs you most prefer first, be it parsley, basil, thyme or mint, and then move on to vegetables. When it comes to choosing from the options of vegetable seeds for sale, heirloom seeds are having a huge comeback due to their exceptional taste and nutritional value, which is not the case with newer vegetables. Even if you don’t get to plant all of the heirloom seeds you intend to, you can save them for years to come so you won’t have to buy new ones and try out what works best in your environment – this is how you grow plants that are more disease and pest resistant. Along with having tasty and hearty veggie meals, and saving money, opting for heirlooms means you get to preserve the diversity of plants. After all, heirloom seeds are the original ones and if not for them there’d be no hybrid.

Gardening is a great way of keeping the connection with nature and can easily turn into your favourite relaxing activity. Apart from growing your own produce, it’s perfect for teaching kids some nature and living lessons; there’s no better teacher than mother nature.