Popular Dog Basket Beds

If you have a dog, I am sure that sometimes you allow him to sleep in your bed (I used to do the same). However, what you should bear in mind is that this practice is not good at all for his well-being. It is important that your dog has his own bed because just like you, your dog needs to have a place where he can rest and relax.

For that reason, I have compiled a list of the best dog basket beds which can help your dog get a good sleep and wake up refreshed and energized.


Brinkmann Pet Bed

This bed has a soft micro-suede exterior and a warm plush sleep area which provides warmness and tranquility for your dog while resting. It is filled with “Eco-First” recycled fiber fill to provide the highest level of comfort possible. The best part of it all is that it is very easy to keep clean as you can wash it in the washing machine.

American Kennel Club Casablanca

Made entirely of polyester, these cute dog basket beds are designed mainly for small dogs. This is a round bed which measures 55cm – 15cm. Its interior is a soft sleep surface while the exterior is made from the manufacturer’s “Casablanca” fabric. It is easy to keep it clean as it is machine washable and you can also dry it on a low setting. This bed comes in the shades of brown, dark brown, blue, red, sage and tan.

Midwest Quiet Time e’Sensuals Orthopedic Nesting Bed

What is characteristic for this amazingly soft dog bed is its orthopedic egg-crate foam support which is covered in a comfortable synthetic sheepskin liner and is 6cm thick. It is perfect for older dogs or dogs that are recovering from some kind of illness, have joint problems or arthritis. These dog basket beds come in five sizes: 50, 64, 73, 91, 110 cm, measured in diameter. They come with a durable and corduroy cover which is zippable and machine washable.

Fuzzyard Acapulco Dog Bed

This incredible dog bed is filled with feather-soft filling and it comes in an interesting printed fabric. It is ideal for long, hot summer days as it will keep your dog cool and cozy.


Aspen Self-Warming Dog Bed

These self-warming beds do not use any power source to warm up your dog other than his own warmth. They are specific because they have a layer of self-warming material that reflects the dog’s body heat and uses the same technology as ‘space blankets’. The Aspen Self-Warming bed is a safe and comfortable space for you dog to rest in. Moreover, you can easily clean it and take care of it as this bed is machine washable and easy to dry.