The Most Popular Home Decor Trends for 2018

When it comes to home décor, 2017 was all about the super clean and minimalistic look, but 2018 is bringing back colour and comfort big time. Colour, cosiness and warmth are the most sought-after things in the 2018 home décor trend, which is completely the opposite of the minimal and cold 2017 one. The Pantone colour of the year is definitely ultraviolet and since it is a hard to live with colour, it can be toned down with a lavender and grey accent.


When it comes to the living room, it is all about creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere. Regarding the coziness factor, an overstuffed sofa that is not too angular, with a little bit of a modern touch is the ideal place for sitting this year. Placing a large ottoman in the living room is also a trend, and the beauty in this is that you can use the ottoman for placing your feet on it, you can use it as an extra seating place, or as a coffee table with a tray. To make the whole thing more attractive to the eye you can add some elegant metallic bowls, candle holders or some other interesting ornaments that can be found in any home decor online specialized store. You will be amazed by the large selection of home accessories and unique ornaments you can find in these specialized home decor online stores ranging from bookends, candles, vases, clocks, mirrors and many other items.

Now on an even warmer note, have you ever heard about the caliente red colour?! It makes for a rich and powerful statement since it is so darn appealing which renders it perfect for implementing in your home office. The office desk can be made out of wood because it is warm and cosy and can make for a perfect match if you decide to hang some graphic art on the caliente red wall. Regarding the desk, you have the whole freedom to add metallic home décor ornaments or a metallic statement lamp. Although different, all these pieces can match up perfectly, pulling together a trendy and alive look.

The kids/teen bedroom is also an important part of your home that you should not forget about when redecorating your home. These days, teens rooms are all about mixing different patterns, having fun and going bold. If you want this mixing pattern thing to be successful, you will need to pick a colour and create a theme around it. The trick is to get things that are complementary and to have that one colour repeat often enough through different items. A bean bag is a big YES for teens room as they are the perfect chair replacement and perfect for relaxing and reading a book or a magazine.

Finally, regarding the kitchen, blue is the colour of the moment, the darker shades of this hue proving to be the most popular. Layout-wise, if you are not a fan of big islands, you can melt your dining room into your kitchen by implementing a dining table in it. In fact, many small homes feature this mix and match approach of bonding the kitchen with the dining rooms and more often than not, it turns out fantastic.