The Most Popular Crawler Crane Features

The cranes are essential lifting machines which are used in many industry sectors where heavy materials need to be lifted and moved form one place to another. There are different cranes on the market, and each model is used for specific lifting application. One of the most commonly used cranes is the crawler crane. It is a self-propelled crane mounted on tracks that can be used for various lifting operations on different construction sites. The lifting capacity of a typical crawler crane ranges from 40 to 3,500 tones, providing stability and mobility at the same time. 


Heavy lifting tasks require precision, speed, accuracy and strength. The crawler cranes offer just that. These powerful machines are designed to handle even the toughest construction jobs. The crawler crane offers everything what a construction worker needs. Here are some of the most popular features of the crawler cranes:

Rapid Self-Assembly – The crawler crane can reduce the operating time. It is a machine that is easy to operate and control. Thanks to the unique upper structure design, operators can easily assemble the boom hoist winch. A crawler crane operator can easily activate the assembly/dis-assembly mode with a switch which is located under the LCD display.

Versatile Lifting Performance – A crawler crane is described as a versatile machine. It can be used in soft grounds or rough and uneven terrains. With a crawler crane, you will certainly improve your work efficiency and productivity. This machine is ideal for handling heavy materials on high locations. A typical crawler crane can reach heights up to 220 meters. The crawler cranes stand out from all other crane types thanks to their great operating radius.

Smooth Operation – Another big advantage of the crawler crane is the smooth operation. Operators can easily move the crawler cranes from one place to another without too much effort. Fully loaded crawlers can travel around a job site as well. That’s exactly what makes the crawler crane a popular machine in many industries like construction, mining, etc.

Increased Safety -The crawler crane is a lifting machine that guarantees safety for the operators and all other workers on the construction site. With strong and durable structure, this tracked crane ensures stability when heavy materials are being lifted.