The Most Popular Construction Equipment By Liebherr

Liebherr is one of the most popular manufacturers for construction equipment. This German giant dominates the construction equipment market since the introduction of the first crane in 1949. Liebherr is popular all over the world for its high quality machines, especially the Liebherr cranes which can be seen on every major construction site. Liebherr is a family-owned company, established by Hans Liebherr, who invented the first tower crane with only goal: to help all construction companies during the tough period around the WWII.


Today, Liebherr is a reputable and well established company that has around 35,000 employees all around the world. Throughout the years, Liebherr has expanded its range of products, from manufacturing Liebherr cranes and construction equipment, to special machines and appliances which are used in other industry sectors. Here are the most popular construction machines designed by Liebherr:

Liebherr Cranes – As stated above, the Liebherr cranes are the most popular machines from this German manufacturer. Since the introduction of the first tower crane, Liebherr is constantly developing new and innovative lifting machines with unique features and capabilities. With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing cranes, Liebherr today offers a broad range of cranes to suit different industrial applications. The company offers mobile and tower Liebherr cranes. The top-selling mobile cranes are: truck-mounted cranes, compact cranes, crawler cranes and special purpose cranes. The most popular tower Liebherr cranes are the fast erecting and the top slewing cranes.

Liebherr Excavators – Liebherr is also known for its digging machines. The Liebherr excavators are highly efficient machines which can be used for a variety of purposes. Designed with innovative features, the Liebherr excavators are suitable for mining applications, but also for a variety of construction tasks as well. Liebherr offers electric, wheeled and crawler excavators. For increased versatility, Liebherr manufactures a wide range of excavator attachments.

Liebherr Bulldozers – The bulldozers from Liebherr are described as reliable and durable machines which are capable to complete different tasks. Liebherr produces different types of bulldozers, and they are all used for similar purposes. Multi-functional and equipped with the latest features and technologies, the Liebherr bulldozers are ideal for different construction or mining applications.

Liebherr Forklifts – Although not popular and widely used like the Liebherr cranes, the forklifts from Liebherr are ideal solution for every warehouse or production facility. Thanks to their incredible maneuverability, excellent stability and great lifting force, the Liebherr forklifts are the best addition a warehouse manager could get for lifting and loading different kinds of loads.