Popular Children`s Room Designs: Keeping Up With Trends

Kids love their bedrooms, no question about it. And how can they not? It’s the space where they get to do all the play, their very first classroom where they learn things about the world that surrounds them, and where they get the much-needed sleep to grow up. Remember your childhood days, and you almost immediately recollect the time you spent playing in your room, still keeping it in mind to details.


Wanting to provide the room for your little ones so they can build up their own memories for a lifetime, and still keep up with what’s popular, take to your inner child to come up with outstanding kids’ bedroom interior decor. What’s in today is of course lack of clutter, from physical to visual, so you can’t go wrong by opting for decorating ideas that are stylish, practical, and space-savvy. Though the bed is usually the piece of furniture that gets to be the focal point, don’t forget childrens wardrobes can also have that special role.

Spacious enough to keep kids’ clothes tidy, consider getting a wardrobe with additional drawers and compartments, so you get the extra storage space for toys too; so long unsightly mess of piles of toys! Taking into account childrens wardrobes nowadays come in a variety of styles, in different finishes, they significantly add to the decor as well. Don’t forget to include your kids in the shopping too, ask what they prefer as it’s their room that’s in question – they too have to like the furnishings!


You can’t go wrong by starting with white in terms of colour, as it makes for an airy and warm atmosphere. Having it as the basis, you can later incorporate other soft neutrals to further establish a serene, calm look. You can use some bolder colours and prints in fabrics, like the bedding, rugs, and curtains to add a playful child-like flair. Though thematic kids’ bedrooms have started losing their style powers, you can still have the equal fun by choosing the perfect bed headboard – headboards are always trendy.

Since it’s been quite some time now that wallpapers made their huge comeback, they’re as popular as ever and just what you can wish for when wanting to protect your walls from kids’ scribbles and scrabbles, and at the same time provide your little artists with the chance to use them as their canvas, particularly those that come in washable materials.