Popular Time and Date Calculator Models

Time and date calculators are a really good investment for all business managers and owners. It is better to know how much money you will be able to make in advance, instead of dealing with problems when it is too late. By having a clear idea of your resources, you will be in a better position to figure out whether or not to investment more money in labour or equipment. With a time and date calculator, you can do all these calculations. It is a powerful and handful tool that finds its use in many different applications. Here are the two most popular time and date calculator models.


TimeCard Tabulator II

This time and date calculator, or a payroll calculator, is a great and affordable investment for all business managers, human resource administrators and payroll clerks. TimeCard Tabulator 2 makes the payroll administration and preparation easier and simpler. Powered by a 3-volt long-lasting battery One CR-2032, the calculator performs various calculations using few easy keystrokes. It can use either a 24-hour or AM/PM format, so it can be used for all types of time-card and payroll calculations. TimeCard Tabulator II uses special “in” and “out” keys for calculating total days hours for multiple time-card entries.

With a 8-digit LCD display and a 10 digital internal accuracy, TimeCard Tabulator 2 provides incredibly quick calculations. It has built-in timer, alarm, stopwatch and a count-down and count-up plus split function with the optional “Buzzer”. And in addition to all these calculations, this time and date calculator can also perform simple math calculations.

Time Master II

Time Master II is another very popular time and date calculator. It is able to perform difficult time-math calculations in a short period of time, whether in seconds, minutes or hours. Easy to use and versatile, Time Master 2 is the perfect calculator for conversions, rate-based calculations, schedules and resolving time-elapsed calculations. It can determine time-based rates and costs for various purposes very quickly.

For example, pilots use this calculator for computing the flying hours, while people involved in broadcasting and radio use the stopwatch and time keys of this time and date calculator for accurate editing and production. Time Master II is also widely used by electronic media producers and editors, travel professional coaches, athletes, estimators, consultants, trainers, speakers, production schedulers and more. Even though it is specified for these sort of calculations, the Time Master 2 can also be your everyday calculator.