Popular Caterpillar machines that will increase your productivity


If you are in the construction sector, there is a big chance that you are using Caterpillar machines. It’s one of the most recognizable industrial brands that produces powerful and durable industrial machines and equipment. Caterpillar is above all other brands thanks to its industrial machines that stand for superior quality, durability and unsurpassed reliability. For many years, the machines from Caterpillar are a number one choice for many business owners. You will find a wide range of machines which are specifically designed to ensure maximum efficiency and to help you increase your business productivity and profitability.

For those who don’t know, Caterpillar got its name when one observer described the movements of the Holt Steamer 77 like movements of a “caterpillar”. The founder of this world leading brand is David Holt. The fact that the Cat’s machines were used in 1969 for the Apollo 11 mission, and in many other challenging projects like the construction of the Hoover Dam, says a lot about this brand. Caterpillar was the major producer of machines for the US military during the WWII. Today, the Cat dozer, Cat excavator, Cat dumper and other powerful yellow machines from this American giant can be seen on every continent, even in Antarctica! The most popular machines manufactured by Caterpillar are the following ones:

Excavators – People also call them diggers. With many excavator models on the market, Caterpillar designs and produces excavating machines for every digging task. The excavators from Caterpillar offer great digging depth, excellent maneuverability and superior digging results. Cat’s excavators are ideal for heavy industrial and construction tasks.

Loaders – The loaders and excavators are definitely the most popular machines from Caterpillar. Caterpillar produces two types of loaders: backhoe loaders and front loaders. The main difference is that the front loaders are designed with front bucket only, while the backhoes have a bucket at the front and at the back. The Caterpillar 966 loader reached the same popularity as the Cat dozer DE7. It was designed to handle the toughest operations. Today, the loaders from Caterpillar can be seen on every construction site all over the world.

Dozers – The Cat dozer is highly efficient machine, used for various construction projects. It is powerful enough to push large amounts of materials quickly and easily. Cat manufacturers medium and large dozers to satisfy all customers. Recently, Caterpillar introduced its latest model, the DE7 Cat dozer. Caterpillar managed to create a bulldozer that provides increased environmental benefits and low operation costs.

Dumpers – Cat’s dumpers are specifically designed to maximize the operational efficiency. With broad range of dumpers, Caterpillar offers its customers reliable, durable and powerful machines for their loading and transporting tasks. The latest Cat dumper- 785D, is one of the most popular mini dumpers that can reach speed of 34 mph, offering loading capacity of 146 tons.