Popular Bathroom Vanities

I don’t know about men, but for us women, the vanity table is one important piece of furniture. A little history on vanity tables: back in the 17th century, they were known as “poudreuse” which is the French word for powder. It was, and still is for that matter, a piece of furniture that has that niche of feminism in its design and purpose, which is why I’m saying that maybe it doesn’t mean that much to men as it does to women. Except for applying powder on the face, the vanity table was used for placing small jewellery holders, wigs, and perfumes. They became especially popular as a part of modern women bedrooms and dressing rooms through the movies of Betty Davis and Audrey Hepburn, associating details like makeup, jewellery, accessories and perfumes with the complete, modern and powerful lady.


The vanity table has evolved largely today; nowadays, women have all kinds of beauty rituals they perform in the morning and the evening before sleeping, so the vanity table has moved from the bedroom into the bathroom as well. Bathroom vanities aren’t exactly tables, but more like armoires with drawers which you can use for towels, makeup, hair dryers and other electrical devices you use for your beauty rituals.

If you’re in the process of redesigning your bathroom, or thinking about it, you can find some really amazing bathroom vanities online; the offer is vast and pretty versatile as material and design matters. And the best thing is that space is not an issue; there are some fine examples for both smaller and larger bathrooms. So, before you pick and order, make sure you measure and plan the layout of your bathroom; that way you’ll know what materials will best suit the entire ambiance.

Here are a few good examples by design and brand:

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Unit With Stone Top

This is a small bathroom vanity perfect for small bathrooms. It’s a good choice if you already have a large vanity table in the bedroom and you just need something small to place some basic items in the bathroom, like some creams, face masks, pills you take at night or morning and of course, some towels. This particular vanity has a small armoire with two drawers made of processed wood and stainless steel handles. The stone top gives the sophisticated look in addition to the ceramic basin. It’s very classic, very clean design perfect for any type of bathroom décor.

London 78” Double Sink Vanity Set in Espresso

Now this one is for larger bathrooms since it comes with two sinks and some extra space on the counter. It’s made of wood in espresso colour and comes with a mirror. The Carrara marble used for the counter top gives the entire vanity a luxurious tone along with the white dropped sinks. The armoire has about 9 drawers designed with satin nickel details on the handles. This vanity would fit perfectly in a white bathroom with some green details like a decorative flower pot. Luxury at its finest.


The Fresca Contento 30” Espresso Vanity Mirror

Think fancy, modern bathroom with very glassy and metal details. You won’t see any ceramic or marble elements in this bathroom. The Fresca Contento Vanity comes with a mirror in the package, a slightly octangular storage made of solid wood, a glass counter top and a glass basin. The entire vanity is very cute, relatively small and perfect if your bathroom is painted in colour, like black or white for example.

The 36” Espresso Oak Wood and Porcelain Single Vessel Sink Vanity Set

This one is a combination of classic elements and modern details. The cabinet is in espresso colour, solid wood. The important detail is the porcelain counter top and the vessel sink. The cabinet has glass and metal elements, which allows it to fit in both modern and classic bathroom designs.