No Sin in Indulging in Outdoor Lounging: A Popular Way to While the Hours Away

Outdoor lounging

That’s right; no sin in indulging in some “me” time with wine, strawberries, some good music and nothing on the “to-do” list. That’s what outdoor lounging is to me and I believe to most of you hard-working, busy, burdened with tasks wives and mums. Those blessed hour or two of free time, whether in the early morning while the family is still asleep, or before the sun sets down and you need to start preparing dinner, are the best hours of the day for you to simply do nothing and just enjoy. And as a woman, you have the right to do it in style.

I dedicate this post to all women who have either a balcony or a large patio, and a desire to make their “me” time as classy and meaningful as possible. I chose 3 lovely combos of outdoor lounging products which you can decorate as you find it most complementing to your outdoor space. Of course, candles and some greenery are completely indispensable elements here.

Combo no. 1: add a little chic glamour on your balcony

The balcony is a rather small space and cannot support having too much furniture elements placed on it. Consequently, if you stuff it with furniture, decorations and other practicalities, you’ll create a huge mess and completely miss the point. Try to be modest here. Go with few modern, chic and comfortable outdoor lounging pieces that will fill in the space perfectly and add significantly to the looks of it. My suggestion would be to choose two Acapulco chairs in colour and material you like most. Combine them with a complementing Acapulco coffee table and decorate with a few candle holders in the middle. Make sure the surrounding area is filled with lovely greenery and colourful flowers here and there. For added comfort, you can also add outdoor cushions to your Acapulco chairs.

Combo no. 2: keeping it all casual but still classy

I’m talking about the mesmerizing, completely soothing level of comfort offered by the all-mighty bean bag. We all love bean bags for so many reasons: they’re fluffy and shapeless and they don’t need any additional cushions or pillows. Plus, you can drag them from one room to another easily. When it comes to the outdoors, I suggest bean bags if you have a large garden with a grassy surface. Bean bags fit in perfectly in a completely relaxed ambiance that doesn’t imply anything sophisticated. This means you can also place them by the pool, if you have one. Combine bean bags with a very low table to suit their height.

Combo no. 3: the eternal elegance

Those of you who have beautiful, well-maintained patios – I envy you. Having a patio is like having this extra room space which is open from 3 sides and connected to the house at the fourth (totally dependable on the architectural design). The best thing about all this, is that you get to design and decorate this extra room as you want and even change it as seasons change. Really versatile. For this combo, I’d suggest sofas. Whether you’ll go with something smaller or a sofa for 5 people, depends mostly on the available space. Go with wicker, it’s the most versatile material of all, plus it is easy to maintain. It’s durable too. Add a table, either one made of the same material, or choose something accordingly. You can even use something old you have in your basement and restore it. Decorations are key here. Since your seating area will be significantly larger than the previous two examples, you’d want an extra console table for planters, decorative garden accessories and other cool stuff for the outdoors. And of course, candles for the coffee table which are a non-discussable element for the ultimate ambiance.