Most Popular Backhoe Loaders From Kubota

The backhoe loader manufacturers are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions in order to beat the competition. For this reason, they increase the power, the lifting capacity, include enhanced controls and hydraulics, and design more comfy and spacious cabins for their loader models. One popular and very reliable manufacturer of backhoe loaders is Kubota. Founded in 1890, Kubota is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of various equipment, available in more than 130 countries. The Kubota backhoe loaders can be seen all around the world, and are used for various applications. Today, Kubota offers four models of Kubota backhoe loaders: B26, L39, L45 and M59.


The smallest Kubota backhoe loader is the B26, a backhoe loader with about 20 horsepower and a 2.4-meters digging depth. The Kubota B26 has a 4-wheel drive with lifting capacity of almost 600 kg. This Kubota backhoe loader has a lift height of 2.1 meters and a quick-attach auxiliary hydraulics that increase the attachment versatility and productivity on every job site. The B26 enables the operators to add a variety of attachments for specific applications.

The second Kubota backhoe loader is the L39. This 4-wheel drive backhoe loader has a diesel engine that provides 39 horsepower and features an electronically controlled hydraulic glide shift transmission. This transmission system, with on-the-go shifting, increases the overall productivity of the backhoe loader. The Kubota L39 delivers 1600 kg of breakout force, 1000 kg of lifting capacity and a 2.9 lift height. Also, the auto-leveling valve automatically keeps the bucket in horizontal position, whether the loader boom is raising or lowering. For increased efficiency, the backhoe part of this Kubota loader has an independent boom swing pump.

The Kubota L45 is another popular backhoe loader, which combines the advantages of three machines in one: a backhoe, a loader and a tractor with a three-point hitch. With 45 horsepower, this Kubota backhoe loader has a lifting capacity of about 1000 kg. Also, it provides an exceptional view for the operators, thanks to its slanted boom design and thin frame. It also offers a 3-meter digging depth and a backhoe crawling mode.

The last one, Kubota M59 is the most powerful Kubota backhoe loader on the market. It has 50 horsepower and a 3.6-meter digging depth, and it offers more power than any other Kubota backhoe loader. The M59 has a lifting capacity of about 1800 kg and a bucket digging force of around 3400 kg. With a heavy-duty rear axle and an integrated main frame, the Kubota M59 is very reliable and durable backhoe loader. Also, it has a 4-wheel drive that increases its stability and power.