The Most Popular White Wine Grape Varieties

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Even though 55% of the global vine-bearing areas produce red wine grape varieties, in the past decade, the white wine grape varieties have become more and more popular. Some white grape varieties are today used for the production of some of the top-sold wines throughout the globe. And with the rising popularity of the Internet, it is even easier to purchase certain wines, before available only to the rich. You can now search for any white wine and buy wine online Australia. You just need to decide on the type, which is why it is good to know at least basics about different white grape varieties.

Before you turn on your laptop and buy wine online Australia, make sure you know which white wine grape varieties are popular and which flavours best suit your taste. This way you will have no problem making the right choice. According to recent surveys, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris are the most popular white grape varieties these days. These white wine grape varieties can and are often blended with other grape varieties to create extraordinary wines.

Chardonnay – Every wine-producing country grows Chardonnay grape variety because it is easily adaptability to wide range of climates. Chardonnay grape is the main ingredient in dry white wines and one of the main grapes of Champagne. What makes Chardonnay grape variety so special is its full fruity and earthy aromas that differ from region to region. If you plan to buy wine online Australia that has tropical fruit aromas then look for the ones made of Chardonnay grapes grown in warmer regions and fruity aromas in the cooler ones.

Riesling – Riesling is another popular white wine grape variety that has been regarded as a noble one. This grape variety makes the German Riesling wines one of the best wines ever made. However, not all wine-producing countries make amazing Riesling wines. Few places in Germany, Alsace region, France, Austria and Australia are certainly privileged to bear such title. Normally wines made of this grape variety are quite sweet, but there are some that aren’t. If you are looking to buy wine online Australia that is light-bodied, crisp and refreshing, then make sure you check Riesling wines.

Sauvignon Blanc – If you are a fan of herbaceous aromas and flavours, then this white wine grape variety is ideal for you. Sauvignon Blanc wines feature mineral aromas in some regions and fruity in others. If you plan to enrich your wine collection with medium-bodied and dry wines, then choose the Sauvignon Blanc white wine variety the next time you buy wine online Australia.

Pinot Gris – One of the best selling white wines are made from Pinot Gris white wine grape variety. There are several grape varieties called Pinot – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris. It is believed that Pinot Gris mutated from the black Pinot Noir grape what explains the darker skin colour of this grape variety. So, the next time you plan to buy wine online Australia, whether for a special occasion or simply ‘because’, choose medium to full-bodied Pino gris wines that have aromas of a peach and orange skin.