The Most Popular Advertising Techniques Used Today


Nowadays there are more new ways to advertise than ever before. So, how to know what is the right option for you? Lets take a look at the few most popular advertising techniques that are most commonly used today by small, medium and large businesses. Of course, which marketing platform you’ll choose depends on the budget, your products and services. If you have set limited marketing dollars, first create a strategy. This step will help you best utilize the money:

  • Set your budget and stick with it.
  • Track your results.
  • Investing in more than one advertising channel.

Direct Mail – Direct mail although for many an old-fashion way of advertising, is still one of top used and most effective marketing mediums. Yes, printing and mailing cost per single piece of article may be expensive, but this why many businesses opt for a more economical version – bulk mailing through reliable mail house provider. Mailing articles in bulk can significantly lower postage rates. Even more if done through trustworthy mail house provider which works closely with Australian Post Office. Mail house providers usually offer comprehensive fulfillment services and will pick, select, pack, insert into envelopes or package and mail all your articles. Of course, selecting a reliable mail house provider is a must.

Direct mail can be very effective when partnered with a well manage database which can help you target by demographics, geography, credit card data, etc. Prints are also part of the direct mail as well as flayers. Prints are the most popular technique of advertising, especially if you run a restaurant. Flayers are advertising technique that is easy to implement. However you should include only the most important information about the business and products or services in order to receive immediate results. To have all this done, there is not a better option than using professional services of a direct mail house Sydney provider.

Social Media – It’s amazing that many businesses aren’t utilizing social media to promote their products and services. The excuse – they do not want to allow a forum for negative comments about the company or product. Instead of being concerned with the negative comments on your social media profile, think about the culprit behind such comments.

Email – Emails is a great advertising technique that enable you to stay in touch with all your costumers. When their database is used correctly, it can be one of the most cost effective communication method. When using this technique make sure your company doesn’t use it for the wrong reasons.

Television – It still remains one of more commonly used advertising channels, however not as popular as it used to be decades ago. Reason. Since hectic daily schedules leave little room for watching TV, many businesses choose other marketing platforms to spread awareness about their brand. Yes, TV does remains a great medium, when used correctly. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay just for the production, but for the media as well.