Popular Shed Trends: From Storage to Personal Oasis

A garden shed can be a great addition to one’s property, allowing you to neatly store all the things that clutter your home or ruin the immaculate look of your trimmed lawn. But as much as it can be a valuable storage space, lately, a lot of people got hyped by the trend of using small garden storage sheds as the ultimate personal space where they can unwind and relax. And it’s not surprising, since the range of reasons to have a little shed oasis in your backyard is quite big.

According to the experts, a small garden shed may not have a great material value for your property, but considering our busy and dynamic lifestyles, having a little private corner that will be your personal oasis every time you feel exhausted and tense after a stressful day at work is sure enticing. It can be a place where you can release the inner artist in yourself, wrap up the most creative ideas on your mind, or simply have a cup of tea and enjoy the time you rarely spend alone.

And as the cherry on top, your little shed oasis can perfectly blend into your landscape as a cute detail. With a little bit of creativity, a basic storage shed gives you endless possibilities for yourself, and your little garden too. So, don’t wait any longer, and take your pick from the wide range of storage sheds. Here are some popular ideas you can consider.

A Space to Get Crafty

Are you a person that enjoys getting crafty after a hard day at work? Do you enjoy pottering a nice mug, or sewing and knitting comfy sweaters for your loved ones? Or maybe you want to try the popular pastime of homebrewing beer? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to get yourself a small garden shed where you can get crafty.

Bringing your hobby into your small garden shed means you’re going to spend a lot of time out there. So, keeping the shed organised and tidy all the time is one of the things you need to do if you want to feel pleasant every time you decide to get crafty. Make sure you use stacks, shelves, cabinets and boxes to store all the tools and supplies you need.

If you prefer spending your free time gardening, you can consider hanging racks for the long-handled tools, keeping your smaller tools into plastic boxes stored in free-standing shelvings, or making a seeds collection into a vintage photo album as a unique way to store them. If your hobby includes tiny stuff, such as beads, strands and tiny scissors for crafting jewellery, or tiny needles, pins and tapes, you can use drawer organisers, jars, or plastic boxes with barriers to keep the different types separate.

A Quiet Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic changed most of our living and working habits and moved our offices into our homes. From the peaceful space we couldn’t wait to arrive at after a hard day at work, our homes turned into the ultimate crowded place where the whole family is gathered, and the kids are being homeschooled, or playing around by throwing toys and making a mess.

If your boss moved your office into your home too, and now you struggle to find a quiet corner where you can check documents and fill reports peacefully, a garden shed can be the perfect solution.

If your new office-shed is not that spacious, get a minimalist office desk to additionally save place. If your job includes paperwork, make sure the desk you choose includes drawers, so you can store all those documents without making your shed a messy place again. Another thing you should pay attention to is the lighting. To avoid headaches caused by poor lighting, and to get the most of the daylight while you work, make sure your office-shed has windows and is positioned at the brightest corner of your garden. A bright natural ambience can visibly improve your mood and your productivity, even when you’re filling those stressful reports.

A Gaming Room for Your Squad

If your way of unwinding is playing PS4 in the evening, while destroying a pack of beer with the boys, then it’s time to reconsider getting that shed you always avoided. Besides using it for storing basic garden tools, with a bit of creativity and minimal effort, you can turn a shed into a new gathering place for you and the boys. Except for adding the gaming equipment and a comfy couch, make sure you install some proper lighting too. A modern RGB lighting scheme can set up a great ambience, and make you feel like you’re in the ultimate gaming room even though you’re spending time in the simple shed in your backyard.

A New Art Atelier

You finally reached home after being stuck at work, and now it’s time to dedicate some time to your art. But you’re struggling again to find a peaceful place in your overcrowded house where you can release your inner artist. Well, if you have some space for a garden shed, you can set up the perfect art studio.

There are a lot of ways to turn a basic shed into a lovely art studio. In addition to bringing in the painting canvas, make sure you also have all your painting tools within reach by organising them into boxes or on the shelves. Storing your brushes into DIY decorated jars is a great idea to boost your artistic spirit. If your way of making art is writing books or novels, you can throw a lazy bed in the corner of the shed to support your body in a comfy way while you “type your heart out”.

Don’t forget to adjust some artsy ambience to boost your inspiration. Make sure you set some romantic lighting and pour yourself a glass of red wine while writing the next romantic bestseller. Lighting up some candles, or diffusing a couple of drops of jasmine essential oil into your DIY diffuser jar can also boost your inspiration for many great ideas, and all of that in such a small place.

Peaceful Yoga & Meditation Corner

If you can’t find the time to go to your usual yoga classes or the COVID-19 pandemic still makes you anxious about gathering in a large group of people, why not make the most of that empty space in your garden? A small shed will offer enough space to do your yoga practice in peace. After you make sure that your shed is clean and tidy, continue with painting the walls in a bright, neutral colour that will set a relaxing mood. When you’re finally done with the painting, don’t forget to additionally improve the ambience by adding houseplants, lighting up candles and setting up some meditative music.

After you check all the things on this list, grab your yoga mat, and spend some quality, relaxing time in your personal yoga studio that is just a few steps away from your home.

Your Personal Getaway Corner

Even if you’re not a creative person or crafting is not much your cup of tea, you can still give a garden shed a lovely spirit by turning it into your personal getaway space. With a bit of effort, your little shed can become the place where you can read a book with your evening tea in total privacy, your home cinema to “Netflix and Chill” with your loved one, or the place where you simply look out of the window and daydream or stargaze in the summer nights.