Plush Beds: The Most Popular Choice for Cats

Nothing can be more satisfying than being a parent to a happy little cat. And while installing a pet’s door and investing in a quality scratch post can greatly ease yours and your furry friend’s life, you should not forget to buy a plush cat bed. Just like people, cats also love having a dedicated place where they can purr, roll, stretch and sleep. Out of all materials, it seems that plush is the comfiest for them which is one of the reasons why some of the most popular cat beds are made of this fabric.

Round Beds

Fluffy, cushiony, warm and usually raised from the sides, round plush cat beds seem to be the ideal purring and sleeping oasis for felines. Extremely durable and homey, these essentials can undoubtedly add to your cat’s Zen mood while providing her with numerous health benefits. Available in a range of sizes, heights, cushioning and fillings, finding the right cat bed plush material can be a piece of cake. You can even choose a colour that can match your home’s décor.

plush beds for cats


Cat Caves

Although quite similar to round beds, cave plush cat beds differ in their enclosed space. The base part is usually round and soft, while the side parts are made of a stiffer material that is upholstered with plush to provide a soft surface. Most of these beds have a hole in the centre so your cat can easily get in and out of the bed. They are the preferred choice of shy cats as they offer a sense of protection.

Cat Houses

Who says that pet houses are meant only for dogs? You can treat your feline friend with a cat house that looks similar to a dog’s house, only smaller. While the walls of this house can be made of any material, you can still place a round, rectangular or square fluffy and round cat’s bed inside. This can make the house warmer, cosier and more secure.

cat houses


Cat Towers

This bed can be a lot of fun. Depending on the type and model you choose, these beds can be taller like you and usually have lots of built-in features like tunnels, ramps, stairs and of course a bed on the inside. They look like a raised house, where the first floor consists of scratch posts that act like pillar and stairs, so the cat could climb on the second floor. The second house floor is a cat house that has a warm cosy and plushy bed inside so the cat can rest when needed. The tower is made of a firmer material which is then upholstered with plush.

Cat Perches

cat perches


These beds are a real blessing for cats that love looking out the window on a daily basis. Cat perches can either stand alone or can be attached to the windowsill or window, so cats can have a better view. Cat perches can range in shape, size, material, colour and filling, giving you the freedom to choose one that can meet your cat’s bed preferences.

Essential Things to Have in Mind

Before making any decision, there are some important things to take into account in order to improve your furry pal’s experience.

-The bed should be large enough so your cat can have enough space to stretch;
-The model should be machine washable since cat beds need to be cleaned frequently;
-If possible, choose a bed that has a removable cover for easier maintenance;
-If your cat is old or arthritic, choose a bed with lower sides.

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Bed?

beautiful cat


Cats are like kids, from time to time they might soil their bed or even your bedding and clothes. However, this can be easily cleaned with baking soda, vinegar, bleach, detergent and similar. The cleaning procedure is really simple and fast to perform, however, you should certainly pay attention to how often your cat has accidents like this. If it happens on a regular basis, there might be some medical reasons behind it.

Can Bed Bugs Live on Dogs and Cats?

Have peace of mind, bed bugs don’t live on pets. The most common pests that can live on them are lice, ticks, fleas and mites – you should regularly inspect your pet for them and take the needed precautions.